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THE SMELL OF DEAD RACCOON--an edit + change in second stanza

Down a two-lane highway
one midnight near Macon, Georgia
an eighteen-wheeler came barreling through
like a bullet on a target straight and true.

the air was heavy with the smell
of dead raccoon.
warning to all woodland creatures
Death was speeding in their direction.

a deer at a crossing
heeding no warning
was found the next morning
wheel marks across his middle
and as most animals do
smelled a little like dead raccoon too.

innocence sees the moment only.
ignorance sees what it wants to see
funny how many humans
end up smelling like dead raccoon

Editing stage: 


you're normally so un-relievedly serious and even morbid, though who could blame you?

This is wryly, morbidly funny, with a potent message tacked on. Good job.

vs3 line6
smelled a littlre like dead raccoon too. [little]

Neopoet Directors

Thanks, buddy. I still do have a sense of humor :)


author comment

This is the best type of humor, if i do say so myself.

Thanks. Quite a compliment/

author comment
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