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The Skin We're In

the feel of it,
entering the lost domain
of sensation
the peeling away
of all that would stand in its way
to be empty of plots and twists
the magic of touch
and being touched
to enter a ritual
unto itself as old as
creation as new as desire
basking like an otter
under the sun,
how it soothes the caged
heart, fires the breath
and rocks the ages,
breaks up monotony
and serves the pleasure
of kings and queens,
of those who go into battle
to live and die for
one more day,
to love for yet
another hour.
I shed myself and
become one with you.

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I think you got under someones skin today lol
No it was I got undersomes skin today or yesterday or is it tomorrow?

Anna - You are one heck of a writer and now get published so I can see your book on my shelf here along with the other great poets around:) I really liked this one and hit the spot this morning for me.

Gracious and to the point!! You are always spot on in your writing and I grasp they thoughts more now then ever before.

Bella Blessings
Barry you too:)

Love - that swamp girl lol xoxo

Oh, now I can make the announcement....around XMas quite a few poets from the old
Poetry Chaikhana and the new Delighted Teahouse, will be featured in an anthology,
including Barry and I. I love collaborative efforts of like minds. This one will be more
spiritual in nature.

Plus I'm on the verge of gathering poems for other books.

Thanks for the comments, Ms. Mona.


author comment

YOUR news Anna as I never pry but am happy for other writers and poets who publish their words and their works. Congrats to you girl. Proud of you both

Love Mona

ps collaboration of like minds - good title for a poetic write ( I like this too Anna) thanks friend and may I call you friend always.

I really liked this poem and went through soome of your other poems and its really difficult not to love the way you write I think this is my favourite so far.

No I don't remember Olya's poem, though I remember Olya and Brian, miss them terribly sometimes. Their poetry was a notch above.

Thanks for revisiting.

And thank you for taking the time to go through some of my poetry, Natural Mystic. Which is an appropriate word for a poet. S/he touches untouched realms. ;-)


author comment

this is one fine poem Anna !!!

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