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Saboteur On Neo

Saboteur On Neo


acrimony drips from
your poison pen
as rage and resentment
strip your mind
of all but me
In this small way
I own you
albeit for
a very short time
however I am like
the sand flea
irritating the skin
where I burrow
keeping you
constantly focused on me
I offered you
seldom given friendship
while you offered me
the snakes and slugs
of your well-rehearsed
cold-born deceptions
I should have known
from the foul stench of them
You were playing
me for a fool
who opened his heart
preying on my sympathies
like a blood-sucking leach
watching you perform
your great act on others
has opened my eyes
seeing your true countenance
come together
under your mask
I see you understand
my recognition
you move like a flash
to strike first
discrediting me
within time’s
patient stream
you shall be known
for the charlatan
of your own scheming

First of all, this is an older styx poem and not about my enemy here. But I think it fits the situation. It has been brought to my attention that a certain person has been spreading lies about me through p.m.’s and personal e-mails. I will not disclose the identity of either the attacker or the informer, except to the trustees. The gist of HER lies are: telling other poets that I don’t like them and that I don't like their work, etc. They have also been told that I have p.m.ed mean things about them to others. This is a complete falsehood! I hold no malice towards any poet here nor have I made fun of anyone through my poetry or in any other medium. I have often been inspired by others work and not given proper credit every time, but then who does? If you have been told these things about me, please confront me with these accusations before you believe them. After all, isn’t that the fair way of doing things?

So now I shall withdraw from posting and commenting on others work. I shall resign from the AEC because holding this burden, I feel I can no longer be an effective contributor. In effect my enemy has won her war on me. In driving me away, but it is a hollow victory, for I shall still be here reading.

If any of my friends here should wish to find my work it will be posted on “Hooded Stranger” at

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Jesus H. Krist Cat! I had no idea you have an enemy on neopoet. Shit. And resigning and capitulating to anything that low is just ALLOWING HER to WIN.

DO NOT let that happen Cat, unless your health won't allow it. I can understand how such meanness and divisiveness can wear away one's physical, emotional and spiritual stamina.

Perhaps we should disallow PM's period! Unless it's for and from those in the AEC, and/or the workshops. If one is a friend, then one gives one's email addys anyway. That should be sufficient.

Whatever you do bring it out in the open; you're not the first person this has happened to, Cat. No one should have to bear this type of underhanded and deviant behaviour.


(Had to crash a few in high school and elsewheres) Some people are so clever
in almost appearing all angelic and innocent (but not!)
Their insolent jealousy and raging insecurity of any kind
of authority or natural poet ability draws them out to strike
again and again as they cannot help themselves but
show their true poisonous character! My Dear Candlewitch
you have shown true commenting on Esker and Orgami
works and I find no fault at all in your abilities as a wonderful
creative poet or AEC It shall be a great loss to see you leave
I sometimes often wonder if the perp is not groomed to come
forth by another adversary I in this world I see many Minions
do the dirty work..its not just the individual coming up with
the concentrated poison at times but a savage cult like
tiny crowd.. Bravo for speaking your mind and not empowering
them by using their bitter name/s!!!!! Best Regards Your freind

I forgot to tell you that you wrote one helluva good rant-poem! That's the way! Use everything (including the kitchen sink) for poetry. Like Bukomon said: "Make your life a poem." or something to that effect.

You wouldn't believe some of the shit I've had to go through on *spiritual* groupsc no less.
At least it wasn't so much behind my back, it was said to my face on the groups! Everything from my personal appearance to my poetry and poetry was always in quotes, as is my name. Oh, and this just happened yesterday again. But I keep on keeping on, no bully is going to knock me down for long.


Golden I hear you and seems like someone is really snaking around in here upsetting a bunch of people to try to make their self look good (that underlying reason perhaps?) I wonder if it is the same person that another believes in. You got me, but I totally understand as something is going on and you are right it is neither pretty or funny any more, that is for sure. Let them tell their lies and curses, they are the crazy ones. You never did a thing to anyone and whoever reads this can tell me off for I am soon to be a witch in the wind here also because for the most part tired of the game players. There is more animosity in this site since Puglist left than you can ever imagine. People who say they are your freinds bait you to no end for their own selfish reasons or to make theirselves look good but all along THEY are the ones that lack or are power hungry folk for authority or to try and take one down.

Sorry you have to go through this and as far as I am concerned you neither deserve this. It is a darn shame this continues here and as I have also had my day in here I also know who to trust and who not to trust. Only less than a handful

Her out> Or HIM out. whomever it is telling lies like that. I love you Golden.Candlewitch. You just got elected and you are a great person for this site also. Do not let the enemy win for they sit back and laugh should you leave as if that is what they want so they manipulate. Just the same as the ones who manipulate on the internet CYBER BULLIES and our young folk are killing theirselves over.

I say get that broom stick out Golden and put the spell on them once and for all and cast their evil ways right back to them. You do not deserve this
I just had to come in on this one as I am interested too as some strange things been sent to me and said as well.. There is some big time person in here maybe a few that have some deep seated JEALOUSIE issues for real.. I will leave that alone.. I have just got a sign of what it is going on now... hmmm You are not alone here either Golden...

Watch out you whoever you are that a house does not come falling down on you and wrinkle your pretty little shoes up. Bump 'em Cat you are better than that!! And those who try to discredit you and your personality with lies and deciets.... I got my wand for tonight if you need it I will send it via express way:)

Love you Cat

Oh forgot DamN Good Poem Girl!!

I am so angry to think some fucking piece of shit has been attacking you .

i wish i could kick the fucker's arse!!!!

love you always.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

Good poem.
Bad move, letting this asshole win.
The intent of attacking you is to get you to resign, and stop posting poetry.
Virtual attacks and cyber bullying of this sort is always intended to marginalise and denigrate the victim, and ultimately make them leave a particular site.
Do you wish this person to win, or would you prefer instead to stick the needle of defiance under her crawling skin, and remind her, each time she sees you post, how much and how miserably she has failed in her task?

What would Mr. Styx do?
I know what I would.
Do not let this fool win.

Respectfully, Jim

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

i totally agree with Jim


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

Same here. Good comment Jim Cat you do not leave here unless it is your time to leave here and not for someone who has issues of their own that never were resolved therefore they take it out on any target they think will bite.

You are better than that! WHoever this SHE is I am having my thoughts right besides you. they have issues with theirself and it is not about you.

Traitors that's what I call them

good rant left the reader in
no doubt whatsoever of your feelings

on another note...good lawd!
i find it almost impossible to believe that
ANYONE is your enemy
in my travels round neo, i have found you to nothing but
articulate, honest and helpful

i think it would be the worst kind of shame if
you left neo
i am in complete agreement with comments here...

seriously, you can't let someone elses failings drive
you from somewhere you love

please reconsider


Do not stop posting!
Do not resign from AEC!
Do not stop commenting.

Copy all the offensive material you have and send it to the rest of the AEC.

This has to be dealt with. Consider this , if she is doing it to you, who else might she be doing it to? She needs to be named and dealt with for the sake of everyone at Neopoet. You have a responsibility.

I have been guilty of being offensive before, but I've always been out front, not sneaking behind people's backs and I've copped the consequences on the chin.

Do not let this [infinite number of expletives deleted] win!

It absolutely staggers me that anyone could behave like this to you, Cat, you are invariably kind, honest and honourable.

Neopoet Directors

Anyone who attacks our dear Cat in this way could do the same to anyone.

Neopoet Directors

This must be dealt with immediately.

Respectfully, Jim

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

I am exasperated to say the least....i will comment later because at the moment i am bewildered that these kind of abuse and attacks are resorted to by whosoever is guilty of certainly is a cowardly act ...i can appreciate the hurt caused to you ..but please don't let that stop you from posting...

be well...much love and warmest regards...

raj (sublime_ocean)

Whoever informed you of the activities of the other person. What were her motives? Can she be trusted? Perhaps she is the one lying and the other person blameless. I suspect it is she who intereferes in everything and moans about it, invoking an interventionist god and professes empathy while using it to draw attention to herself. And of course, she is as mad as a cut snake.

Cat, please, for the sake Neopoet and others, if not yourself, give full disclosure of this matter to the rest of the AEC and let them deal with it,

Neopoet Directors

that false insinuations and accusations towards any other persons usually leads to one selfish goings on, perhaps eh mate? Your comment referring to (her interventionist God) as you quoted me before of these same exact words. I have an intervening God who knows what the truth is and knows where the answers lie and shall be presented. I am not the one you are digging your nails into either for I happen to care much for this member as also I do not hide behind private messages or belittle folk for the sake of power or self. When you can accept that much of this, then your blame and insinuations need to cease for it is not of me or about me that places discord to Cat or any other member in here for that matter. Watch those false insinuations and those comments to draw attention to your own quills..

Who is drawing attention to self here? The culprit is in the comments made and then deleted of course. Take a look in the mirror and see if you see those eyes looking back at you and if they speak to you as well. It helps to get your answers and facts straight beforehand eh? Do not accuse me of wrongdoing unless you have fact and proof of what your insinuations quoting from above.. And please do not say Oh Mona I was not talking about you. Yeah right.

I am not as dumb as you think I am here. Enough

Cat I am glad you are back for nothing or no one's remarks can chase the Magic Cat away unless you let them or it or her or him...who knows.anymore eh?.

Let them go for they know not what they do..try for forgiveness for the error of their ways is of them and not of you. keep the faith folks, do not allow brow beating here any more. That would be a good thing to refrain from continuing for the sake of this site.

I also am not resting from here due to this or any other matter but for my own reasons that are no ones business but my own and have nothing to do with this site.


I won't deny it, but hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I won't make any excuses, this whole sordid business has infected the whole site with paranoia and many are looking for who to blame. I allowed my own personal prejudices to the fore. The only thing I don't take back is that you do stick your nose in every single drama that happens. That's your right and I am no arbiter of your choices.

The AEC is investigating and it should all be resolved soon.

Neopoet Directors

I do not stick my nose in any more of these things than you do Jess for that matter. For you to say that is your right that is fine but you are wrong in assuming it. I have said this before. It is not of me that brings down this house. I stand up for myself and the folks I do tend to care for. That yes I surely do. Sometimes in that respect, you are correct. As I know that, I also should stay out of it and I do agree. Does that in my opinion neither make me nosey but as well try to make some peace between writers when they are having a tough time communicating. Writers must look to their selves for their own answers or shortcomings and not always taking their personal problems or vendettas out on others. It happens all the time, in real life and on the internet. It is valued for what it is and how people want to interact with each other. Either they do so out of compassion or hatred, whatever it is at times it is very wrong no matter how you slice it. We cannot do a thing about this. Everyone has to handle his or her own things.

Jess Elf you have accused me of wrongdoing and cursed me of things in this site from my personal beliefs to my poetry, when all I did was come in here and do just like everyone else, interact and work on my poetry. If you cannot accept me for who I am, that is your right. As for your insults to me and of my person, they are old and tiresome to say the least. I have withdrawn of your ways in communications with me, as I also do not trust you here. I do forgive. I do not forget. Those are two different things. I do not continue a grudge against no one for how they think or feel, or how they have treated me or will treat me. I have neither the time nor energy for such things anymore as well. It is unbecoming of me and for me as well.

If you have something genuine and honest to say, (in which at times I think you do but then you reiterate with a hate of comments back to me) try to cease your nonsense in throwing accusations at me for things I have nothing to do with. You have faulted me many a time in this arena Jess. *** You did it last night in the chat room once again brought up my name and another members for saying we have the last word**** This is not to say I dislike you, but I am tired of your games playing and have read and seen how you have interacted with other poets in some great distaste and choice of words. Just recently, you wrote something that disturbed me to a member here that was very ill. It was distasteful in my opinion.

There are people in here who try to run someone to the ground and think they are better than anyone else is, when in fact they only harm their self in doing so. When one tries to help, as I have done, I am accused of cop, snitch, and every other name. I then am slighted by others for wanting to bring peace to a situation in the best way I can. I finally realized this situation and others like this is was nothing more than some perception of a talent show, to show who could bully who better. I do not have the time for such things here in dealing with any longer. I never intentionally try to hinder ones abilities or personality and never have I made any derogatory or insultive remarks to anyone about their person. I was baited just as Candlewitch was and when I finally figured who was foe and who was friend I stayed my course. Candlewitch does not deserve it as well for it was a frame job as far as I am concerned to try to bring her down. Is it foe or is it friend? Only one needs to know the difference on their own, as they try to figure it out as I have done just that many times over not only here but in real LIFE.

We are all on even plains when it comes to writing. No one is the same and no one is to blame but the culprits their selves, for their own misgivings. I have acted with as much courtesy as I have been given here, to others as they have given to me. I know who the writers are that show a genuine concern for what I write and how I write. I do not beg for any friendships here likewise. Of course, not everyone is going to like your style of poetry, as well. It is what it is. We cannot change people and I do not insist that you or anyone else change here as well. Try to remember that if you can take anything of my words.

Neopoet has did a darn good job in bringing this site up to par as far as I am concerned and it is not their fault - it is the faults of some member or members who are either unhappy or disgruntled in the way things go or who cannot seem to see things in the way they are now, but in the way they want it to be. Their Way. It is a control issue. This is not the venue for that. I have spent for the most part defending my own self in here, one too many times. A person gets tired of this. Candlewitch should neither have to endure someone else’s shortcomings or wraths either. Since the recent election, she has been cast to the ground, as she has been nothing but encouraging and fair to all Neopoets in here since I have known her. It is all wrong for folks to do this. I hope she does not adhere to the child’s play and derogatory remarks made at her and of her. Seems to me this is an insecurity one dishes out and displays if you can read between the lines, it eventually tells its story. Deceit she writes in this poem and Deceit is what it is and has been all along. For many a months.

Members are here I see for the most part to help and assist others and are not here for reasons other than that I would hope. Unless of course their intentions are to negate others to try to make their selves look pretty. It is mind games for one and horrid to play out on others. It is called Cyber bullying and when one knows it is so when they can either stay in the game or bow out as it will never end unless one ends it. Here or any other website. It takes a person to realize what is being done and go forward with or without the bullying. I have chosen the WITHOUT myself.

Yes, you are correct Jess; you are not my guide or arbiter of my choices. No one is. When I comment to a poet on here, it is from my realm of thoughts and none other.

(In return, I ask that all members here try to refrain from throwing stones and digs out to anyone while they are in a fit of emotional rage) Have I not learned this here? Sure, I have.

I have said I need a rest from this site, as it has nothing to do with you or this situation or any other situation here. It is hard for my muse sometimes to concentrate on writing as it is at this time. Neopoet has changed and as much as you do not like it saying a family of poets well in fact it is just that. A family of poets. All families have disagreements and most families still love one another. Not all but most. I believe for the most part this stuff shall continue with a time-to-time disagreement as all things do pass as well. It is when the same perpetrators continue their shenanigans that one finally can see to not deal with them any longer. It is as if back in the days when they used to call it THE BAD SEED.

I like to remain partial to everyone. If you cannot understand that after all these years, I cannot help you. You are Jess Weird elf and I am Mona Magic’s. I hope you also know that no matter what is said to me, at me, or against me, I will always carry a heart of compassion for and to all whom I meet in this place called Life. It is what it is, and I am who I am.

Candlewitch I am sorry to have to indulge so much in this interaction of comments to the Elf here but as this situation was going on I was also being abused and attacked for what I will never know or care to know. I will leave that behind here as well. I would like Jess to have the last word so he may be happy. Let it rip Jess. I can take a lot, as I am neither as weak as one may think - or assume.

Peace out now.. Be happy to all
cc: amended 10.22.11 for clarity

as usual you could have said all that in 10 words or less.

Neopoet Directors

I could, but I did not. Sometimes you just have to spell it out.


you waste word like a painter spilling his paints on the floor

Neopoet Directors


I am not feeling better Xena but I still have my mind and feelings to express oh yes at least that. As far as feelings in the legs no I still do not have that without going into my medical situation here, for the most part. I guess we all can write short or long as this time probably my last time. Some things just need to be said as all writers can say it or write it. I suppose. Just glad Candlewith is back and happy to see her and Dan back in the site, That is all that matters now. Let her do the job she is in here to do with the rest of the AEC.

Hellcat Love them!!
always enjoy your poems and You the poet
take care today
Your freind

Dear Cat,

Leave them to Heaven. We know you and love you. You have been one of the few who have encouraged me to write. Tender and kind heart.


Dear everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Cat has rescinded her resignation.

I will not go into any details at this time as an investigation is still in progress.



Workshops are now open:
With all that I am and all that I could be, I walk this earth, yet nobody sees me.

Glad you came back

Dan I am glad she picked herself back up here to do her job at this Neopoet. Thank you for all you both do.

Love and Peace
Ms Mona

I submit that all of us should now stop wondering and speculating, and indulging in paranoia, about who said what to whom. Cat knows everything the AEC needs to, and it is their responsibility to sort this out, so let's allow the AEC to deal with this the way it is meant to, and move on...except to keep supporting Cat, whom I believe is the victim, here.

Respectfully, Jim

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

So pleased you are staying.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

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