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splayed out
Im paraylsed by the compassion of your fire
how you tinge every touch
such bitter kiss
cloaked with woven ways
wound with ribbon rivers

all your pockets
teem with deadly treasure
the sweet guillotine
doll head eyes
as blue as winter skies

"all love is sweet"
a sing song farewell
inked scroll script
as lively as
Once Upon A time

as bright as any enamel
hair clip
like the moon withdrawing
bangs of stars
the beauty arch horizon
nebuolus and calm
splitting wavelengths
this pain of adoration

each and every drop

Editing stage: 


ravens voice sharpening dreams
like crisp frost before day break
a last burning cigarette
nicotine swirl the dream
dry trachea swim

fuck sanity
lifes a bitch
this thrown lie
a reverse world
glimmer room
how the moon
palatte of wind
rippling skin horse blues
all bullets and bones

author comment

I love your use of language, but I don't pretend to understand the second Stanza.
Great poem.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

writing writing
just a passage of travel
stories from others
the savage beauty of childhood for some

Poetry is sometimes kind
and sometimes not

like life
full of its supplement happiness
and shadowed banishments

Thank You Lou!

author comment

its nice to not really mean meaning but
write for the beauty of its babble
thanks for enjoying these poems
It really makes my day!!

author comment

"been through the mill"

but whats a few scars and scares
a few nicks and breaks

seen just enough of life to be aware
of it
writing is fiction not all this is what I
had been through or occured in a reality
its poetry of course and creative writing
freedom of expression

when I first started in july 2007 here
I was writing some very long poems
Ive thinned down the words a lot
as Im at the library or here at the girls
and time is always an essence
Its not like when I had all night in
those earlier years
so Im cramming words out of my head
literally just sit down and write either
in the first five minutes of my hour
at the library or the last three minutes
before the computer logs me out

Im appreciative that you consider myself
and my works as interesting and
expressive without the glitter
nothing wrong with glitter and I remember
my Rose Coloured Glasses days

its all in transitions
attitudes and perspectives

Thank You

author comment

Think. Thoughts. Words. Travels yes.

Poetry is sometimes kind
and sometimes not

like life
full of its supplement happiness
and shadowed banishments

I so agree with this and love your mind there guy

Great words

Ms Mona

its nice to hear the voices from poets
the input where once all I had was
the typewriter..

author comment
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