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Planck's Legacy


without seat belts to hold you
on the roller-coaster ride
neither here nor there
flare divisions like acrobats
diving into space

with more elegance than thought possible
September's swan lifts her long neck
and wings away

where is Heisenberg's principle when
you need it the most?


there's a lotus growing in my cosmic soup,
my feet mud roots tying rocks to clouds
the equation of dark matter
my singular paradox.


the blessing
every butterfly knows
breaks open this chrysalis,
freeing me from myself, I walk
through doors.

Editing stage: 


I assume "youcc" was a typo.

Science, maths and poetry hold a similar elegance for me.

Love this one,

Neopoet Directors

Yes and YES! Thank you, Jess!


author comment

the way you utilize "jargon" stands out, thank you Kail really cosmic.

In ink,

google Planck's Constant

Neopoet Directors

I understand the science, I simply refer to the eloquent use of the vocabulary of science, or what I know as jargon.


although I have renounced almost all my spirituality, no longer regarding myself as a Shaman (although I do have the powers, I regard them them as yet to be understood science) it is simply that- spirituality is that which we don't understand- yet.

Neopoet Directors

Indeed. Spirituality evolves as the human being evolves. You may leave your *self-definition* behind but shaman shall always be one rung (of the ladder) you are standing on (simultaneously).

And thank you IKnowNoBox, it's all *jargon* on some level of comprehension, in one universe
of existence or another.. ;-)


author comment

Any chance you would enlighten me as to why you enumerated the sections of this poem?..........stan

Stan, would you prefer Roman Numerals or ~~~~~ waves, perhaps strings, _ _ _ _ _ _ ?



author comment

So this is 3 different poems?..........stan ( if so , why not 3 different titles?)

Hi Stan,

One poem, three parts. One world, three ways of seeing....yours, mine and theirs.

Smile, this is your life.


author comment
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