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pity the pity Descartes found

Pity the mere pittance of grey,
grey skies over a flatlander
hanging on by a thread
there is no breeze to assuage
this colourless dimension,
there are no rocks that survive
without being tied to sky..

I wear them like pearls, weighing
me down,
unable to lift away my heavy heart
my swan song on pointed toes,
rolling away the thunder,
the Lady of the Lake rises
like a dream,
like a drag queen,

I bare the colour of your love
like a shield. We slip in and out
of reality, our lips barely touching
these poems, our hands barely
skimming their Hallelujah.

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I have to say this

No matter what you write Anna I can always relate to it somehow in my mind and in my heart there is a song you sing as you write and it is yes the spirit to me of your words.

Pearls around my neck hanging heavy ...great metaphor my friend

Love Mona

ps Anna also I am sorry to hear of your lifes woes and such sadness about your friend. Thoughts and prayers to you, Barry and the family.

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