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P u r s u i t

calamities sweet muse
lies watching
her river calm
the ocean thoughts
sounding beneath
flame patterns
star volitions on the wavelength

there is movement beneath
the surface
there are histories pausing
on each stretch of beachead

each night
and awakening

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that was a very visual write! good job

oppurtunities to see the Great Lakes shoreline of Superior
along trans Canada number seventeen and
both and Pacific and Atlantic oceans
and here our Nippissing Lake has a goverment wharf
where from now till freeze up I can bike out and stare the
the distant islands and nav beacons at night
to ponder always peaceful by the powerful spirit of water
where ere' they be..

thank you

author comment

I have been to lake michigan, seen the pacific and the atlantic oceans, and I practically live in the Davidson River in the summer. Isn't is amazing how one simplie compound, H2O, can be so different yet still essentially the same across the country?

still am awed at its power
be it rain at night..(where I think spirits walk)
or the depths and power it holds in mass

but yes the water is calming
and fascinating all in one!!!

(Must look up Davisdon River)

thank you!

author comment

We are water after all, well the most part anyway. Could that be why it has a calming affect, and why we are drawn. Great poem Regards Roscoe..

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

we float in water in our beginning
rains are powerful to me
I used to stand out in a feild at night
feeling the wildness of it
the calming of it the ability
of it to take our lives if we dont
shelter and wait it through
and the dark beauty of it
falling falling

Thank You

author comment
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