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P l a t e

focus sweet
the whisper and this
press knocks the ink
and the sheet of idealizations
is lifted blazing with contrasts

You were my plate for years
and every day my print
would arrive
like dawn
sullen and drawn
Exhuberant and errant

where has all the resolution
when its change needed
winds heeded

I shall miss the nocturne
the daylong seige
the turning of the plea
and standard borne

you are still crisp
but I have wants
for different fonts

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to The Flower Kings when I started reading,
and lost myself in the rhythm of your words, as I always do.
Excellent Steve, most excellent, a feast of passionate flow, memory, and a yearning for something more.

Respectfully, Jim

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

Flower Kings must go have a listen..
I worked with a collector and in his collection there was
an old fashioned basic plate press
We were taught screen printing but we used electronic
machines rather then the acid to etch out the material
but everything else was the same..
Im glad I can make some decent poems sometimes
this once came out of the spur of the moment
but the memory flash of printing stuff by hand
came back and thinking of peoples relationships
and how they "template" upon each other the
character of their beings..

and yes sometimes Its nice to search for more..

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