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Never blame your own lack of love

If you must find a reason to hate, form it into a huge red ball,
make it glow with the dust of Hades, and heave it from
your guts, vomit your insecurities, and remember all the
insincerities that have been handed you on a silver platter,
bloody with your own precious head...

Blame someone, know you can...

Blame your mother or father, the man in the moon or the
beggar in Calcutta, blame the unholy alliances governing
the vacancies in your heart, blame the politicians and
the corporations, blame the lowly and the Viet Nam Vet,
blame the President, this country or that country, blame
the other sex for your inclinations, blame the race
that gave you your genetic heritage, blame Darwin or
Dr. Seuss,
blame the atheist, the priests and pundits, and don't forget
to blame God who forgot to be on your side.

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Anna Bella on the roll. Got to get some rest and nice writing. You know how to woo them:)

Take care gal

Love to you and Barry and familia
Ms Mona

the line of blaming God, who forgot to be on your side. When people don't want to accept the blame for what they have incurred by their own doing or lack of doing, they will blame anything or anyone. Including God. Or gods, or fate, the nameless thing that has us all in it's grasp. ~ Gee

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