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My Poetic Child

Oh, child
you brighten
the darkest

oh, you have grown
intro a young man
that embraces

you took my demons
as you became home
to my wildest

a tear of joy
falls on my pad
my dark thoughts
flee at your sight

son, this world
felt monotonous
until you smiled
and my worries
were on the first flight
out of my mind

when I almost lost you
I became useless
As the time hesitated

Oh, how you
Took my sorrow
And made
Into a home
For those
In need
Of shelter

Oh, young son
You glow
within me
as you spread
my reach farther

Editing stage: 


i like this
it was a pleasure to read,
getting the meaning of what you are expressing

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Still the line
falls on my pad
erks a bit. I know you mean your writing pad, it could mean the pad of an animals foot, I suggest you look at that line,

Jess, Neopoet Directors
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