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mnenomic Dali

the tipping point
the road is smooth
but not yet traveled
creature comforts for a fool's paradise,
what do I know, for example?

the night is long and dark in the algid breath
of winter and spring comes on forever
no matter the discontented hour.
I'm just an old fool sometimes,
my body is my cage, my mind a sharpened weapon
lacking courage to pluck out my own eyes, strange
thoughts govern;

beyond the persistence of time and its pleasure
there is a field that feels alive, my untrained hands
grope its waning light, I see it speak in tongues
with clouds of people coming down from the mountain,

peeling away, I reminisce with the onion paper of skin;
by the insistence of poetry, I am expiated;

I put on a freshly ironed blouse, cover myself with flowers,
lay bare my poem.

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and new words for me to learn. Thank you for sharing..emmm, just curious. Can you tell me more about the poem?


A beauty is held within this write, also a fear that you are having.
You say about growing old, maybe say, you are passing the time allotted to you, with learning and poetry is the escape sometimes, and what a joy to read of your escape.
Yours as always Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Your contributions to my sanity have been missed,

thank you.

new words
not felt in awhile..
like the visions..
thank you!

Long time, no see! Glad you are back with more of your poetic expertise to share with us all and make us envious of your skill with a pen! This one is a prime example of Kalishana at her finest!

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