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Love on the rocks

I’ve fallen in love with a mermaid
She captured my heart with her song
She was singing her scales
And upsetting the whales
As she knitted a seashell sarong

Well I smiled at her, very politely
And she put down her knitting, and looked
She bade me come here
There was no sign of fear
And from that moment on I was hooked

So we sat and we chatted for hours
We talked about that and of this
Then after a while
She gave me a smile
And she bent down and gave me a kiss

I’ve got to admit I was smitten
It was love, at first sight there’s no doubt
Laying there on the sand
With her hand in my hand
I decided that I’d ask her out

She couldn’t walk far on her flipper
So we picnicked alone on the coast
We ate crab meat and cod
And although it was odd
The pudding was seaweed on toast

We’d sit on the rocks on the seashore
She would dangle her tail in the pool
Then one dark starry night
There was something not right
For our passion had started to cool

Now sadly our love affair’s over
You may say I am strange if you wish
But when push comes to shove
What scuppered our love
Was the constant aroma of fish

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LOL! Very fanciful. I commend your imagination and skill.

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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LOL... and ouch for the mermaid I guess.

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