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i'm recieving inflections
you are feeding
like shells through
a port
drawing closer the point
the careful movements

"Sometimes Thorns Have Roses"
you sigh
your voice as soft as petals
through the smooth reciever

rain drums against the glass
hisses in the dark parking
lot on resting cars
And the bar band is playing

We are collisions
bending want with our
like a hammer folding
we are different metals
fusing in our ballet
of Lust
our words wrapped raw
and sensous in the
sinew of that pain

how it could
and is
the wonderous
dark convergence
of this mystery

Our ghosts
that we speak

haunt the same
drift on the same

how I dream of
you and feel
you draw near
when my heart
when my mind

when the edge
calls my name
its you whom
guides me
to your shores

my brave and
sure Mermaid

Editing stage: 


I shall never meet another whom fulfills my Muse's need
the fire burns steady and the great mystery prevails
I am grateful
and honoured

Mr W.....

author comment

my title could be " Xb7jK" or "1001001001110001"
its still legal to just sign ones name on a legal
document with an "X" thus my fun poem about
the "treasure"

god help the old poets who broke with tradition
in the fifties All the critical hell they went through
Since when were they supposed to follow the
old formula when Sputniks were beeping from
space and cars had huge tail fins that absolutely
had no purpose whatsoever

and yet the creative genuis artists HAD to
writes their poems in a given manner or
else..still kills me in a funny way to think of
those times

thats my O so rebellious spirit
to Misspell my title
and have you not noticed
that phonetically
the "c" and the "k" both
sound Identical when pronounced
alone and dissappears when
followed by the letter "n"
language is so bizzare
"Kill" is pronouced and yet
in "cill" it is pronounced as
"s" as in "cillia" a bilogical term

its a magical thing!! like poetry
Gutenberg Ginsberg
both great symbolic moments
of freedom of expression

author comment
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