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The Key To My Mind

I no longer allow others to control me,

Because I am the one who holds the key.

I will not shake in fear or distress,

I will stand my ground while others detest.

For whatever reason against me they shall hold,

I will not break down, I will be bold.

My days of angry, fear, regret and inner doubt,

Is gone and i will climb the mountains to shout.

You can yell and scream and curse as much as you're able,

I will stand firmly unshaken, you, however, will be unstable.

Others no longer have control over me or my mind,

For I am the one who holds the key they shall never find.

Where I keep the sacred golden key only one will see,

It starts with an M and ends with an E.

The feelings inside myself are ones I choose,

Only i make the decision, it is not because of others woos.

Stupid words bounce off my shield, hurtful ones i throw away,

It is my life not theirs I choose how i live it today.

No more angry no more pain,

No more sitting cold in the rain.

I will no longer take another breath,

Without others knowing those bad feelings,

were put to death.

If i feared you before,

Well i laugh at you now,

Because i held the key anyhow.

I let you in for the very last time,

I locked the door to my mind.

If you try to get inside,

You will be on the road for a bumpy ride!!!

Nichole Natalie 10-31-11

Review Request (Intensity): 
Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
How does this theme appeal to you?
How was the beginning/ending of the poem?
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This is a very important poem to me. '
Thank you for reading it.


author comment

if at all anybody needs to be thanked it is YOU for writing this and posting this...this is because it is about positive thinking..resolve and courage in taking control over one's life and not be a victim of self pity or consolation by others which gets one nowhere but ruining one's life rather than taking charge of it....putting the bad experience/s behind and move forward...

with your kind permission i would like to share this poem with those who need such positive thrust and will be encouraged by this simple but very effective write...of course i will tell them that it is written by you. and not do let me know if i can do that....

i loved the line "It starts with an M and ends with an E." which is central to this write and the very essence of it....

i really loved this write....and am bookmarking it...

raj (sublime_ocean)

WOW I've never gotten so many rewarding words over my writing i am tickled pink and so very very happy you liked it so much!!! And YES OF COARSE you can share it with whomever you wish to!!!:) nothing pleases me anymore than to hear "WOW can i share this?" it shows utter and complete understanding and appreciation of the poem and shows me someone truly liked it so much!! I thank you soooo very very much i cannot even describe it. This was a very important poem to me for reasons i cannot share. Lets just say i have been through a rough life since i was born and this is me saying to the world NO MORE I"M IN CONTROL!!! so it really means the world to me you liked it so much, i think you just made my whole day....No no, My whole month!!!! :) Thank you. I'm glad it pleased my readers eyes as well.
Feel free to share it nothing would make me happier!!!

sincerely, a very happy and complimented Nichole.

author comment

thanks for your permission to share this poem with certainly would be inspiring for those who need to be pepped up and take charge of their lives....

your poem certainly has undertones which indicates that you have been through a lot and most importantly have now resolved to put all those bitter experiences in the past and move on with a positive intent...

thanks a lot once more and with all my best wishes and prayers for your resolve to come good...

much love ...

raj (sublime_ocean)

I agree with Raj completely on your wonderful poem. I have been through a lot in my life too and and can truly appreciate the words you have written. The message is your poem is clear and I am sure will help many who are or have struggled in life's jorney. Thank you for sharing it. This is a great wonderful poem.


There must be a poem in here somewhere.

Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry to hear that you have had a rough life. I have struggled since day 1. Sometimes i do not know where to turn. But i am tired of bowing down to mean people and i'm taking a stand because now i have my fiance and his family to back me up and build my self esteem up so i don't feel as though i deserve it!!! I am glad you enjoyed my writing it was a very important one to me.
My hope in life, is to help other girls through what i have been through growing up with an abuser. I hope to change how girls think about it and help them see it isn't THEM that's at fault.

Thank you so much.
Sincerely Nichole.

author comment

Thanks for your consent i have to day emailed this lovely poem to a friend..i shall let you know her response / soon as i receive it...

raj (sublime_ocean)

You're welcome. I'm very pleased and actually blushing at the fact you liked it enough to send it to someone else. Thank you so very much for spreading my work, you never know when that will lead to it being published by a very happy reader!!!! So actually you're helping me so thank you :)

Keep in touch. Nichole

author comment

I will be sure to go change the I's, That poem was written in about a ten minute time span before bed, I had a name on my mind for an unwritten poem thank to my mother in law who also writes poetry, and wanted to post it before bedtime. Maybe later i will fix the rest. Thank you for your opinion on my writing. I like to see other peoples views. And thank you MUCH for reading it.

Sincerely Nichole.

author comment

i just now read your response to Rosina's comment and it is amazing to know that you wrote this write in just 10 minutes...perhaps it was building up inside and you really let this one vent out...

i don't know if i have mentioned this before. that the following line is so very unique and powerful ..i'm sure you must have felt great about it...

"It starts with an M and ends with an E".

so very meaningful..

raj (sublime_ocean)

Thank you very much for your kindness. I was proud of that one line, to me it was perfect. And i am so glad that other people seem to like it and see that it fits it so well. I'm very pleased. Thank you so much. I hadn't written for a very long time, it was just a spurt of the moment thing but i'm happy i did it now.


author comment

I can appreciate the spirit and wording of this piece! It is a delight to read!

A belated welcome to Neo Poet!

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

"The Book of Styx" can be ordered and purchased on line at:

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm delighted to hear my readers enjoyed my write.
Thank you.

Sincerely Nichole

author comment

I like all those who side me

Who side with me
We are an entity
And we have the key,
A damned hard one,
With which we can knock and open,
Such a key you have taken charge of,
Though a bit too late,
I assure you no swine
Can enter your gate

Dogs not allowed,
Tell them so
You are yourself hence
As a new life you commence

Small edit

Others no longer have control over me or my mind,

For I am the one who holds the key they shAll never find.


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