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Imaginable Technology


I imagine a world of technology

Where all that I do

School, work, or interest

Would be done from tips

Of fingers tapping on iPads, or

Whatever is designed from its platform?

For the next generation of techies


Steve Jobs has left

A legacy of software behind

Software that will be enhanced

Like beginnings of the telescope

That brought stars billions of light years away

To our eyes and minds


My laptop was my pal for years

By my side ready to take my notes and poems

After all these years I’m using my laptop less, and

Keeping my iPad at my right hand as a companion

For all my note taking and poetry writing

As well as for school, work, and interest


As I imagine ways to use my new iPad

I design a way of life in my mind’s eye

That will make my limited mobile body function

As I keep up with new technology

Waiting to be invented

For the next wave of hands free gadgets

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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RIP Steve Jobs

This is the only accelerated poem I have seen on the passing of this great man. And you did him justice in your perfect write here.Loved how you incorporated your IPAD in there as well.

May this genius rest in peace and to think it all started in his garage. His inventions helped millions all over the world.. Great minds think a like... good one here Barb.

Gods Blessings

glad you like it. I've been hearing so much about this man that i had to write this based on my experience with my iPhone 4, and iPad 2.
before march of this year i never used an apple product,. but is glad i switched and can never go back. i learned so much about Microsoft product now
Apple product is like fresh technology for my enjoyment.. like Jobs I have a passion for this product invented and invented ,
i imagine software and accessories for my enjoyment of the product.
when i talk to people around me about my ipad 2 they stare and change the subject asking me about technology i find archaic and boring like installing software onto their phone that's been around, in my mind, forever.

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