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I Envy The Woman Whose Lips

i envy the woman whose lips
your ample mouth has gently kissed
whose very look enslaves your soul
i ponder yet all i have missed

i envy her still whose arms
press you to her breasts so tenderly
who shares your secret hopes and dreams
and keeps your fire burning steadily

i envy the woman whose bed
your long lean body slumbers in
forgive my heart*s dear love desires
that which others consider a sin

i envy the woman i don*t even know
who possesses what i can only desire
to be empowered by someone so fine
i envy her body - her soul on fire

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Thanks so much for your wonderful remarks. It's great to be back and I am sooo glad you are still here.


There must be a poem in here somewhere.

author comment

a wonderful write. There a so many types envy. Bad not so bad. When reading this a envy of another woman being loved, cherished by her man incites envy. A wished for a similar relationship with one of your own not necessarily coveting that of another. That what I got from this though it may no be where you were going with

Glad to see you back and writing

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