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I’d love to be a hobo
To tramp the country mile
To be at one with nature
To face life with a smile

The countryside will feed me
With the hedgerow for my bed
The green grass for my pillow
When I need to rest my head

Oh I’d love to be a hobo
Watching seasons passing through
To wake up with the dawning
And the early morning dew

I’d miss my comfy bed I know
And three square meals a day
Fresh clothes every morning
Somewhere clean and warm to stay

Yes, I’d love to be a hobo
It would make me feel alive
But should it ever happen
Could it just be nine till five

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(that was not a typo)

Neopoet Directors

As in "om mani padme hum"? Ah! the path to spiritual enlightenment is rarely smooth.

author comment

A very good poem to come back to lol..........stan

thanking you, kind sir

author comment

all i can say is good stuff


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

Cheers Lou. thank you for stopping by


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