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feel the range of your spine
close to the surface
the dark shadows beneath the green predator pupil
the mascara lick
candyfloss lipstick

Heels stark loud
against the lonely walls
such lovely legs
in their reach
from there to there

Love Bandits
stealing knifes edge
each kiss a dulling
draw on our firestone

night is rivetted with
and we swallow our thirsts
with drowning sorrows

Editing stage: 


I like this a lot! From it's somewhat antiquated title (which reminded me of QUICKEN!) to it's ending, steeped in bathos!
Good one!


Your comment leaves me writhing in feisty chaos

"Bathos" to describe my work as such gives me chills
and "antiquated" "Quicken" Yes yes yes..
how you true see this as it is

rare you are to grasp this in its whole

I am impressed!!
(and pleased)

I luv vignettes
of passion
of dark
the quick peepshow of detailing
the Lux impressionist of colour
sight smell and texture

how I live for these/those moments

thank you!

author comment

I read a lot of poetry in the mid nineties
it saved my sanity during a rather bleak
period that I had to go through in dealing
with people places and things
But the writing was magic it took me
away from the edge and kept me keen
with imagination
I wanted to be a poet then but I also did
not want to sound like any person I felt
elation for when I read them I still wish
I had more words but its just a matter of
sorting this and that and mixing it up
I love writing poetry it makes my day
and Thank You Lonnie

author comment

the vex of winter tearing at the door
to slake that want
and all that skeptical

was funny then like snot dripping
down the nose
plucking our hearts
like pulling broken piano strings

ah Chaos honey
where you now

your heart like fall cedar
sweet and deep
calm and dark

always called you
Grl cause I asked you
"what are yah?"
"Im a girl" you snarled
with a voice full of scars

and I laughed
"no no thats not what i meant, Im a wolf"
then you looked through me
"Im the hunter and the hunger"

its not funny now
I feel lonlier now
its all coming down
all coming down................

author comment
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