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I felt something lingering near
terrifying and unforgiving
waiting somewhere.
The noise of living broke
into a silence, fading pale
and I fell into dreaming.

I dreamed of rivers flowing crimson red
fields of wheat burning black
flames ripping through raging skies
I saw angels with dark wings spread
singing unholy litanies
souls lost to Heaven on their knees
God was dead…

then a holy man called me by name
back to the world I knew.
He anointed my head with oil
and I was made safe again
free from fear
cleansed of sin
by magic prayers
and the gentle touch of Grace.

Editing stage: 


This poem flows well, just a hint of unforced rhythm and rhyme, as if you were touched by grace


Amazing Grace sung by 9yr old:


THANKS, my Anna and Raj. I will fix it.

author comment

i agree with Anna....

raj (sublime_ocean)

Thank you, Rosnella. All changes made. Much appreciated.



author comment
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