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F i v e

my palm
and pressed within
the secrets
that cut and burn
that run cold like an ache

beneath this starry flame
i make no claims

but you
you know my walk
my lean
and press your hip
along the edge
where we watch
for our ghosts

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you have intriqued me once again, with your intuitive grasp of lovers and their thoughts. I agree with Rosi, it does seem to read a little smoother, the way she describes the lines. ~ Gee

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When I built scultptures some of them are raw
I used to equate smoothness with running low under the radar
loosing their stark contrast I so desire at times
and yet how I can write smooth
or once did on Old Neo as Orgami

I take this in consideration to think about while
crafting new works
Thank you my freinds

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