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Dick - contains adult language

Question !!!
Why do so many men think with their dicks?
these guys are just pricks

They have wives and partners
That should put them off for starters
But it doesn't

They profess to care for their lovers
And yet still love their spouses
What gives?

I say when you think with your cock
You better take stock
Because you up for the chop. 

Editing stage: 


Strongly worded with opinion and brings up good questions. But let's not forget that kind of woman who thinks with her twat and thinks she can get anything she wants with it. Fortunately this coin (of rank men) has two sides. I got one of the good ones, and I am thankful. Thank you for writing this.

always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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Yes there are women who use sex to get their way,and there are most certainly are good guys out there, but they have been hiding from me LOL!!


love lou

Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

author comment

Now, Lou, don't be so hard on us. God may have gven us a penis, but he also gave us a prostate.


if were are trading body parts , we have overies and a cervix LMAO!!

Not being hard on men, just making an observation , there are obviously good and bad men.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

author comment

Yes there are. But we are boys that never grow up.



I'm up for swapping my man-boobs for a pert little bottom. Any takers?



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With all that I am and all that I could be, I walk this earth, yet nobody sees me.

Sorry i already have boobs, and i only have a big butt to offer LOL!!


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

author comment

and I have hurt women.
I don't let it make an obsession of my poetry..
I humbly suggest some alternative themes to your mono-stasis-

Ability, Abortion, Abstinence, Absurdity, Accusation, Acquisition, Acting, Admiration, Adoption, Advertising, Advice, Age, Alcohol, Alien Life, Alienation, All About You, Anarchism, Anger, Animals, Anthropology, Apathy, Apocalypse, Arrogance, Art, Atheism, Automobiles, Autonomy, Aviation, [change] B, Beauty, Belief, Betrayal, Bias, Bible, Blasphemy, Boats, Bokononism, Books, Boredom, Boys, Brothers, Bravery, [change] C, Canada, Capitalism, Cats, Celebratory, Chance, Change, Chess, Children, Christmas, Citizenship, Coffee, Comics, Common sense, Communism, Computers, Confidence, Conservation, Conspiracy, Consumerism, Courage, Creation and evolution, Crime, Cult, Curses, Curiosity, Cynicism, [change] D, Dance, Death, Debate, Dedication, Democracy, Depression, Design, Despair, Disability, Discourse, Divorce, Dogs, Dreams, Drinking, Drugs, [change] E, Ecology, Economics, Education, Elders, Enemies, Environment, Conservation, Pollution, Waste, Epistemology, Espionage, Essentialism, Ethics, Europe, Evil, Evolution, Exercise, Extinction, [change] F, Fact and theory, Failure, Faith, Fall (Autumn), Fascism, Fathers, Fear, Feminism, Film, Fire, Fools, Football, Forethought, Form, Freedom, Friendship, Future, [change] G, Gambling, Gay, , lesbian, , bisexual, , transgender, Gender, Ghosts, Girls, God, Golf, Government, Guilt, Guns, Guru, Greavement, Good, Great, [change] H, Happiness, Hate, Health, Heaven, Hell, Hero, History, Hope, Humor, Humility, Honor, Human nature, Husbands, Hypocrisy, [change] I, Ideas, Identity, Middle name, Ideology, Ignorance, Imagination, Immortality, Independency, Individuality, Information, Inner peace, Innocence, Innovation, Intelligence, Internet, Fark, Slashdot, Intuition, Iraq War, Irony, Irrelevance, Isolation, [change] J, Jealousy, Justice, Journalism, [change] K, Kindness, Knowledge, [change] L, Language, Law, Leadership, Learning, Libertarianism, Liberty, Libraries, Life, Linguistics, Literature, Locations, Logic, Loneliness, Love, Loyalty, [change] M, Management, Mankind, Marriage, Marijuana, Marketing, Mass culture, Masturbation, Mathematics, Maturity, Medicine, Memory, Mercy, Metaphysics, Monarchy, Money, Mothers, Morality, Motivation, Music, Concert, Form, Musicology, New musicology, Performance, Recording, Scratching, Serialism, Tonality, [change] N, Names, Nationalism, Nature, Natural Disasters, Necessity, Neglect, New Zealand, Normality, [change] O, Oil, Opinion, Opportunity, Optimism, Obsession, [change] P, Paranormal, Parents, Passion, Patience, Patriotism, Peace, Perception, Perfection, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Plants, Poetry, Politics, Pollution, Polyamory, Power, Prejudice, Pride, Procrastination, Profit, Project Management, Propaganda, Protection, Pseudoscience, Psychology, Public Speaking, Purpose, [change] Q, Quotations, [change] R, Race, Rainbows, Reality, Regret, Religion, Resistance, Responsibility, Revolution, Rain, Relationships, [change] S, Sadism and Masochism, Sanity, Sarcasm, Science, Scratching, Secrecy, Segregation, Self discipline, Serialism, Sexuality, Bisexuality, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Sex, Silence, Simplicity, Sisters, Skepticism, Slavery, Smuggling, Social constructionism, Socialism, Sociology, Soil, Solitude, Soul, Sound, Space, Sports, Spring, Suicide, Summer, Sunrise / Sunset, Success, Stealing, Strategy, Stupidity, Swearing, [change] T, Talent, Tea, Teams and team work, Technology, Television, Terrorism, Theory and practice, Time, Tobacco, Tolerance, Tonality, Transport, Transgender, Travel, Treason, Trees, Truth, Twelve-tone technique, Trust, Truth, [change] U, Universe, Unselfishness, Upset, [change] V, Vacation, Valor, Vegetarianism, Vices, Violence, Virtue, Video Games, Volunteering, [change] W, War, Waste, Wealth, Winter, Wisdom, Wives, Women, Words, Work, Writing, [change] X, Xenophobia, [change] Y, Youth, [change] Z, Zoology,

Neopoet Directors

im not having this argument with you again

All I will say is I will express myself any way I see fit


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

author comment
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