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Demeter & Bokonon


the heart is a strong muscle
it curves space and aligns the
movement of stars to itself,
beating into its silence

let's dance


i wept with the ocean once,
caught in its undertow,
I was salt, i was swept away,
bridges grew like islands
surrounding an inner sea



there are ears of corn,
human plants turn to the sun,
blaze trails



I am September, the joy of the harvest
share with me the bounty,
lay your hands on the pen of your life
and write your life's poem.


Last few words: 
It would be a good thing to read: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (made into a 2010 movie starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem, Bokonon was a 19th century mystic/poet born in Tobago in 1891, I quote him: "Let your life be the poem you write." in my inner eye, there is far shore, steadfast in the inner ear, sublime music
Editing stage: 


I have started that book before I got hurt this year and I am looking at it just now on my shelf in front of me. Darn right and I would love to see the movie I heard it was great. I left off when she was in Italy...Thanks Anna and this is really nice

Let Your life Be The Poem You Write

Amen to that and oh so true

Love to you

When I first met you I thought you were a trite, uselessss poet.

Now you have learned and grown.

My deep respect.

Neopoet Directors

Hi Mona.

I sure hope you get to finish the book soon. The movie was a decent take on the book, but the book, had so much meat. Barry loved the movie.

Strange that somehow *love* was left out of the last paragraph in the poem. On another site someone wrote they didn't like the title.... in my tangent... in the course of a dialogue, I renamed it *paddling up a waterfall*....

Hope you're feeling better and healing.


author comment

As I read this I was in fact reminded of "Eat, Pray, Love".
Haven't read the book but enjoyed very much the movie.

Then I read your comment and realised it was in fact your intent.

I thought this was quite beautifully written. You have some wonderful lines here:

"i wept with the ocean once,
caught in its undertow,
I was salt, i was swept away,"

Like so many other poems of yours, this one touched me too.


P.S. Not sure i understood the title, though...

Hi PS Psyve ;-)

I neglected to add to the final words submission section (don't know what happened here) a part that I submitted to other sites: Demeter, of course, is the Greek Goddess of the harvest, especially corn (part 3). Bokonon as you may have read, is the mystic poet who wrote "let your life be the poem you write." In the post to which I answered Mona I mentioned that I renamed it *paddling up the waterfall". Perhaps you like that better, too?

I'm happy to see you again. Hope all is well and peaceful with you and your loved ones.


author comment

There it is: I'm unfortunately completely illiterate as far as matters greek mythological go....
I learn something new every day...


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