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Classic Poetry As You Like It Composed three years ago

That Snowfall

The winter season, kept all of us waiting for snow,
the temperature was right for it, well below zero.
The chill factor of the wind kept me warm indoors
in my comfortable home with all of its three floors.
As the temperature fell we waited day after day
for the snow to fall which we hoped was on its way.

We hoped the rain would come at any day
As we were ready to see the clouds roll away.
When we saw the winds had stopped blowing,
Then suddenly we heard the raindrops pattering.
It raised our hopes to be able to see the falling snow,
Before, from this lonely wilderness we did go.

The whole week kept us on our toes guessing,
If it did snow it would be a fond blessing.
Actually the snow fall was well over due,
But when will it come one had just any clue...

Still I do hope that before its time to go away,
Heaven will not forget to know its natural way,
So that I will have my due share of the snow fall,
Ere I go home and make claims funnily too tall.

Many Summers Past

Many summers past, we were standing,
For each others dates anxiously waiting.
It was then our eyes did glance,
And their arrival we forgot, perchance.

It was then your eyes transfixed mine,
Yes it was with in our domain, we felt fine,
We stared and glanced and blushed,
At each others arms, naturally we rushed.
It was at the spur of moment God granted,
It was our union for ever which was supplanted.

That moment we still remember even now,
It’s good our meeting was fortunate somehow.
Ever since we have always remained merged,
Totally in each others concern submerged.

Still today you know, we remember that hour,
We spent in the drizzling or rainy shower,
When we joined for a long communication,
Truly it was meant to be a lasting association...

It was the best of our life’s moments,
Passed we have through many a torments,
Though it was over a few decades away,
But it still seems as if ‘twas just yesterday.

Yes, many years have lapsed away.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


these two poems are poetic style of yore ...
you will like these

composed and published 3 years ago



author comment

I enjoyed the poems but a few of the lines seemed forced. If you read them aloud you'll haveno trouble finding them. It was fun looking into the past via these poems...........stan

wrote them three years ago
when i was lesser adept
shall thanks


author comment
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