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Bundle of joy

Doesn’t he look like his mother
And the nose, it’s his fathers you know
Look at his grin and the shape of his chin
He’s the image of your brother Joe
The hair, there’s so much, it’s amazing
It’s like granddads before it fell out
His lungs are so strong, well it won’t be too long
He’ll be screaming and running about
Oh bless him he’s smiling, he’s lovely
He’s so cute you could eat him for tea
His eyes, well, they’re certainly grandma’s
Pick him up, pass him over to me
He must be an absolute treasure
New babies can bring so much joy
So what are you going to call him,
Oh dear, so she isn’t, a boy

Editing stage: 


Hi Lonnie, think it's been eighteen months or so since I've been on here, will try my best to get on here more often. Nice to know I can still make someone smile.


author comment

the title is perfect for the theme ..yes indeed it's such a joy when a new one arrives..

raj (sublime_ocean)

Your title reminds me of another poem but can't quiet remember which one...nice one.

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