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Blown away

Oh! How can I forget your face
The tenderness, of your embrace
Your precious smile your gentle kiss
These things, I know, I’ll always miss
The way you’d squeeze and hold me tight
And making love all through the night
The way you’d talk the whole day long
Or sing some sad old country song
The times we had, and we had some
But sadly now the time has come
For this will be our final parting
But I won’t miss your constant farting

Editing stage: 


Thanks Lonnie, just a little bit of nonsense, but if it raises a smile, job done


author comment

This would go in the humor love category. Oh yes the card section that is. I like this and you may try to do these quatrains in couplets also for a change in format. My suggest only.

Blessings and to keep on the writing.


Mmmmm d'ya reckon Hallmark would pay for these?

author comment

There are so many card companies today and then you can make your own also. Just a little computer savvy will take you to places you never been before. I liked this one made me laugh.

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