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All his lyrics come from a bottle
so I need to ask
will Noah dance
on lamplight
coffee stains on his shirt
his knobby ankles creaking from age,
oh he loves his lungs dry
but tonight Im smoking Samson out of my blood

Mary Mary quite contrary oh Miss Magdelene hear me now,
you know how a womans tears curve down cheekbones
scheduled out silent and angry
we remember when our bodies were once a secret kept.

just know
my heart will have a happy death
atop the mountains like a fish out of soil
writhing in earth

The fiesta from last year still floats down toward sewers
mama I've fiddled down the roof over my head
i have my daily bread with that milk and honey
but Goliath still pays my rent
he is raiding Peter to save paul

souring in the middle, this is where we begin to feel age
you gotta know there ain't enough rain to wash me.

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You gotta know how I love your poetry. Good to read you again.


surrealistic yet meaningful,
great use of twisted lyrics, nursery rhymes and cliches.

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like leaving the epic

your poetry is something that I
forget Im a poet
its beautiful and harsh
forlorn and frightful

and always that bad assed
vibe stepping ahead
of the dread

last line blew me away
no one can write them like you

an admirer...

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