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here I come
in rowanberries hair with coffee in the eyes

we play hide and seek

we are children
and more adults than ever

someone asks me
to dress my love for you in words

I am not sure though I do it
every day

and every day I choose you

it would hurt me
to try to resist

before you I am humble,
my eyes in love

with you I am better than ever

you are my inspiration and
I am your autumn girl

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


A charming poem to be sure! I like your easy style and how the words just seem to flow. Great title, too!

someone asks me
to dress my love for you in words

I am not sure though I do it
every day

and every day I choose you

Good stuff!
Always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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Thank You so much Cat.

author comment

jump a link...a breath taken and a look back as night hurtles forth the future
this now in waiting pushing dreams at bay
the vivid context of passion seeking ghost shelter relics
and my window slid upon
the night lamps glow on the parking low below

Neo and her charms Neo and her treasures
the poets pleasure

something daring haunted about these words
feel them here
why I read poetry in the first place
why I searched

mysterious gatherings
on pages of font spilling
like spells
and forecasts

a music that surges
like a tide
and opens lost doors wide............................

Thank You!

I love what you've written here on my page .. Yes, how wonderful it is to be able to read all the poetry that is written here on Neopoet. A wonderful and never-ending journey ..
Thanks so much for visiting ..

author comment

listening to THE XX "Stars"
I live on metal nickels and dimes
thankful for internet acess
This internet
the dogs to take for walks..
a breathtaking backdrop of nature
the rail line
the highway
the lake

these streets and factory
the yards full of creek where
the deer gather

and forever the unspoiled night sky
free of lights pollution

autumn girls are rare and valuable

It's like choking with love
excess of it ...
in autumn
for a gal to be within ...

you are my inspiration and
I am your autumn girl

just so explicitly beautiful
as the shyness shedding
Autumn one...


Thank you very much loved .. (Sorry I took so long)


author comment

i love to read you Esker
twill be a pleasure to meet you
when i come to Ottawa
but then i wouldn't like to risk my anonymity
oh what a pity
i can never meet ye
in all sincerity
but shall find a way
if wills divinity


i was truly impressed with the first S ant the next few S's followed nicely but then it seemed to fall off after S4. S5 and on is pale by comparison with very little imagery and some old cliches peppered in. definitely needs some work but show a lot of promise.

keep 'em coming

Thank You so much for visiting my page and for the comments on my poem

I am happy you find promise in my work.. will work on it...


author comment
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