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APOCALYPSE : Parts 1 and 2



The raging battles reached villages and towns
and so we ran across meadows of grain
once dense and high
now blackened by rains of fire
suddenly I felt a bullet in my spine
and could taste the metal
as the poison reached my brain
others fell beside me of the same affliction
but nothing of it was spoken
for each man’s pain is greater than another’s

I slowly reached for the sky
I thought this time I was going to die
but by the grace of some holy thing
I was still alive
until the next time


The wars of attrition finally ended
the Holy men were gone
and God Himself mortally wounded
lay in state in His own kingdom
all that was done had been undone
and there was no one to pray to

heaven and hell fell into oblivion
all the souls that passed on
wandered In confusion
no child was born to Woman
and a barren Earth began to slowly die
to the end f Creaton
as told and prophesied in Revelations

but on the third day the Sun did rise again
In holy annunciation
and all things were as they were before
the crucifixion of Mankind

Editing stage: 


I can't begin to imagine the suffering you are enduring. However, let me list the themes you could approach in your poetry at this time, it may help.

Ability, Abortion, Abstinence, Absurdity, Accusation, Acquisition, Acting, Admiration, Adoption, Advertising, Advice, Age, Alcohol, Alien Life, Alienation, All About You, Anarchism, Anger, Animals, Anthropology, Apathy, Apocalypse, Arrogance, Art, Atheism, Automobiles, Autonomy, Aviation, [change] B, Beauty, Belief, Betrayal, Bias, Bible, Blasphemy, Boats, Bokononism, Books, Boredom, Boys, Brothers, Bravery, [change] C, Canada, Capitalism, Cats, Celebratory, Chance, Change, Chess, Children, Christmas, Citizenship, Coffee, Comics, Common sense, Communism, Computers, Confidence, Conservation, Conspiracy, Consumerism, Courage, Creation and evolution, Crime, Cult, Curses, Curiosity, Cynicism, [change] D, Dance, Death, Debate, Dedication, Democracy, Depression, Design, Despair, Disability, Discourse, Divorce, Dogs, Dreams, Drinking, Drugs, [change] E, Ecology, Economics, Education, Elders, Enemies, Environment, Conservation, Pollution, Waste, Epistemology, Espionage, Essentialism, Ethics, Europe, Evil, Evolution, Exercise, Extinction, [change] F, Fact and theory, Failure, Faith, Fall (Autumn), Fascism, Fathers, Fear, Feminism, Film, Fire, Fools, Football, Forethought, Form, Freedom, Friendship, Future, [change] G, Gambling, Gay, , lesbian, , bisexual, , transgender, Gender, Ghosts, Girls, God, Golf, Government, Guilt, Guns, Guru, Greavement, Good, Great, [change] H, Happiness, Hate, Health, Heaven, Hell, Hero, History, Hope, Humor, Humility, Honor, Human nature, Husbands, Hypocrisy, [change] I, Ideas, Identity, Middle name, Ideology, Ignorance, Imagination, Immortality, Independency, Individuality, Information, Inner peace, Innocence, Innovation, Intelligence, Internet, Fark, Slashdot, Intuition, Iraq War, Irony, Irrelevance, Isolation, [change] J, Jealousy, Justice, Journalism, [change] K, Kindness, Knowledge, [change] L, Language, Law, Leadership, Learning, Libertarianism, Liberty, Libraries, Life, Linguistics, Literature, Locations, Logic, Loneliness, Love, Loyalty, [change] M, Management, Mankind, Marriage, Marijuana, Marketing, Mass culture, Masturbation, Mathematics, Maturity, Medicine, Memory, Mercy, Metaphysics, Monarchy, Money, Mothers, Morality, Motivation, Music, Concert, Form, Musicology, New musicology, Performance, Recording, Scratching, Serialism, Tonality, [change] N, Names, Nationalism, Nature, Natural Disasters, Necessity, Neglect, New Zealand, Normality, [change] O, Oil, Opinion, Opportunity, Optimism, Obsession, [change] P, Paranormal, Parents, Passion, Patience, Patriotism, Peace, Perception, Perfection, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Plants, Poetry, Politics, Pollution, Polyamory, Power, Prejudice, Pride, Procrastination, Profit, Project Management, Propaganda, Protection, Pseudoscience, Psychology, Public Speaking, Purpose, [change] Q, Quotations, [change] R, Race, Rainbows, Reality, Regret, Religion, Resistance, Responsibility, Revolution, Rain, Relationships, [change] S, Sadism and Masochism, Sanity, Sarcasm, Science, Scratching, Secrecy, Segregation, Self discipline, Serialism, Sexuality, Bisexuality, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Sex, Silence, Simplicity, Sisters, Skepticism, Slavery, Smuggling, Social constructionism, Socialism, Sociology, Soil, Solitude, Soul, Sound, Space, Sports, Spring, Suicide, Summer, Sunrise / Sunset, Success, Stealing, Strategy, Stupidity, Swearing, [change] T, Talent, Tea, Teams and team work, Technology, Television, Terrorism, Theory and practice, Time, Tobacco, Tolerance, Tonality, Transport, Transgender, Travel, Treason, Trees, Truth, Twelve-tone technique, Trust, Truth, [change] U, Universe, Unselfishness, Upset, [change] V, Vacation, Valor, Vegetarianism, Vices, Violence, Virtue, Video Games, Volunteering, [change] W, War, Waste, Wealth, Winter, Wisdom, Wives, Women, Words, Work, Writing, [change] X, Xenophobia, [change] Y, Youth, [change] Z, Zoology,

Neopoet Directors

Apocalypse, THAT was my original title. It's not about me alone [read epilogue to THIS STILLNESS]. I am not a "poet" Jess, but I do know how to translate my own experience into images. And, yes, no one can know what it is like to see yourself dying, especially with all loss of faith and no hopes for reovery.BUT that is no reason for writing bad poetry. My themes are a leitmotif of my personal hell: repetetive and intense, bt not BAD poetry. You pulled me out of maudlin sentimentality. Yet I write my own truth as Ifeel it every day.

You always come through for me, Jess, and I thank you for your suggestions [holy sht, how long did it take you to typr ths?] And with no offence to anyone on Neo, my work is a hel of a lot better than some of the crap I have been reading. There, I said it !

Thanks, buddy boy. I made it to another day-- "piano, piano."


P.S. So I take t you didn't like this one, Too bad--wish you had. :)

author comment


every life has a meaning and connection
to all others
each suffering is a reflection
of another’s
the end of one is our own dying

author comment

read the Bible all the way through one time. I haven't read much else in the way of religious material, BUT, this reads like scripture. I thought you were critiquing and re-writing the Book of Revelations. ~ Gee

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Meant to sound like scripture. :) You read me well.


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