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I pace side to side
trapped insde
I’ve lost my speed .
and can no longer run
my reactions are slow to come
but I still hunt and feed
to stay alive

my wounds cut deep
I smell of death
I’m easy to find

my will is strong
I am ruthless
cunning by need
and when I strike
I strike to kill
to save my life
and hold what is mine

my teeth are razor’s edge
with no mercy I tear into flesh
sink deep through bone and sinew
to the soul and won’t let go
until I know I’m safe again

I am a child of Creation
My father's son
Eve's progeny.
Species Mankind.

Editing stage: 


I admire every aspect of this. Clever and ruthless.

And no, I am not over-compensating for my recent abuse. I might be insane sometimes, but I mean every word of this.

Neopoet Directors

Your honesty was never in question. I know you well enough

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