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almost love at first sight

It was a strange turn of affairs
We had seen each other a few times
In the local pub
Spoken a couple of times
In the street
She was attractive
No, not attractive
Absolutely gorgeous
Way out of my league
So I thought,
She had taste
She had style
And, the body of a goddess
Then, out of a clear blue sky,
Actually it was night time,
She held my hand
Squeezed it gently
I turned
Looked into her eyes,
Suddenly I saw
And that was it
I was
It really was,
Very nearly,
Love at first sight

Last few words: 
Is this poetry?
Editing stage: 


and when you step outside your boundaries it is fucking brilliant. Emotive and touching.

I bow to you,
a very fine piece.

Neopoet Directors

Well Jess, I never expected that, perhaps I should stop hiding behind humour.

I decided to write a book a little while ago, this is the opening couple of lines and the full meaning will not be apparent until the very end, that's if it ever gets finished. Anyway, I was listening to Andrew Motion (ex poet laureate) on the radio a few days ago and when he had finished the half hour of "Poetry" reading I thought what a load of shite. Usually what I write rhymes and scans (well it usually does) but I thought I'd post this with the question "is this poetry" I know I like the way it reads, but there is no rhyme or rhythm, so, is this poetry?


author comment


Neopoet Directors

I was

all superlatives
add on
i was on
and oozing
and was i perspiring down below
heaven knows

imaginary fuckin pose


but we don't want to get too explicit with this, after all my children might read it :)

author comment

but the children nowadays, know much more
and poetry is a freedom of expression,
at which I see ,you are more than adept


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