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boney limb of night
extracts the sway
this urgent wind consumes
and leaves like battle flags
take leave
their shadows
dancing in the light
the advancement
their displacement

I've come here
from sunny days
and humid nights
where our hands
upon the rail slept
and stars emerged
in order
the magnitudes
climbing like dreams
the ghost march of
the descents of all
this taste filligree
upon our meek

There are secrets
lost and pages torn
there are smiles

and night swirls
with the wind
like paper cups
and rolling tins
our music
the gentle mayhem

this love

Editing stage: 


have been obsessions
visitations like dreams
the years rolling away
I've given up on normality
and now live alone
with my poetry and
telephone the only
voice and ear I have
left I write simple
cutting words
the excess
just short phrases at the most
scrawled out of my head onto
Neo's page in my usual flurry
either here or at the busy library

thank You for commenting

author comment

As usual your use of language astounds me.

love it.


Stand tall, be proud to be who you are, give the world the finger!!!!

writing in a way that is attempts at originality
and yet falls within a set confine of what is needed
to be there and yet not there in form style scheme
has been a long progression
years of paper then
and now this The outcome
the intuitive flow

I bend rules I make things up as I go along
trying to form this or that up
its beautiful some times
and trying the next

Thank You Lour for your comment

author comment
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