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The problems of being monolingual

I've recently discovered a poet I'd love to read but his work hasn't been translated from French.

I think it's time to take up studying a another language in a few years, Japanese just isn't enough.

The particular poet is Stanislas de Guaita

If anyone's come across any English translations of his work please give me buzz!


Sorry I looked all over the net for this poet. There are many referances to him but I could not find any of his verses translated inti english. I can only advise you to check on Amazon. I'll continue the quest to uncover his verse wish you well John

Yeah I know exactly what you mean! I tried Amazon and Abebooks, nothing translated. I think I'll just have to take up French at uni in a few years (it never hurts to pick up French if you're studying creative writing:p).

Thanks for looking so extensively for me though; it is much appreciated :).


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I have a friend in Paris who might be able to help. I'll contact him. Wish us luck.


Wow thankyou so much! That would be greatly appreciated!

Fingers crossed!

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