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it was a chorus line of hollyhocks against a crumbling red brick building
that devastated my poem,
they laid waste to the words you asked me to write,
you said I would try to hurt you with my intent,
my rhyme,
I said your prejudice and ignorance were showing,
like wearing a hooded down overcoat near the end of June
you said 'fire away' and I asked if you knew why
Bodhi-dharma left for the East,

on the grand scale of conclusions high on a hill
shepherds guard their flock from the thorn bush
and the mountain lion,
the fishers of men
live down in the valley of the marketplace;
you will not understand this poem
and you'll go about your business
blaming someone else for what you'll
never understand until you can see
inside the magenta and chestnut brown
mid-summer hollyhock, bursting
with painted ladies, hummingbirds
and poems.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Written for a *spiritual teacher* who might still have a few things to learn.
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Separately we don't understand a thing, as if God were asleep in heaven and never named a thing.
Together we'll bring the word to fruition before it all disappears in a blink of an I-eye.

The first poem I ever wrote on the net.

is a perfect



Love is all that remains, is all there ever was.....that & what we co-created that no God in his/her right mind would ever have thought of.


author comment

Monday when I was walking down an alley to the library, there was that *chorus line* of hollyhocks.... of every conceivable colour against a red brick crumbling building. I hadn't seen many in the suburb where I once lived; they're very old flowers and it seems only the grandmothers still have them in their gardens...

They thrive in this very old community where Barry and I now live.

It was breathtaking and brought me back to my childhood as does this community..exactly where my parents settled in Cleveland. I've walked by two houses in which we lived more than
50 years ago; I go to the library that I frequented as a little girl.

The rest of it came together in a *dharmic duel* with J.

Thanks for reading.


author comment
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