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Hello dad, it's been a while
since we had a chance to talk
I've kind of missed that crooked smile
let's go with memory for a walk

Hope that you've been doing fine
there at your new home
remember that muscadine wine
and all the hills we used to roam?

They say the fish are biting well
at those places that we used to fish
to go again would be just swell
we'd catch as many as we'd wish

Both of the grandsons say hi
they'd really like to hunt with you
or pick wild black berries for a pie
any activity would do

Tell everybody there I said hello
wish I had more time to stay
it won't be long until I follow
then we'll be reunited one fine day

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Structured: Western
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i can only applaud for the way you have connected with your Dad ..i dearly wish he would be able to hear your lovely words...

raj (sublime_ocean)

I am not one to go to cemetaries and stare at grave sites. I figure loved ones can sense thoughts as well from one place as another and hope that those who have preceeded me know they have not been forgotten. Thank you for visiting and commenting....................stan

author comment

What a lovely poem! I'm sure your Father would be proud if he could read it. Hope your day was as wonderful as you!


There must be a poem in here somewhere.

My day was better than me, thank goodness lol. Guess dad will have to read over my shoulder or wait until I join him................................stan

author comment

Thanks for the eagle eye. He's been gone now for years, but sometimes it still feels like he's here..........stan

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