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I fell in love
With silence
That lingers
No straight jacket
This pen

My mind
A kettle filled
with boiled words
I wait for society
to stop stereotyping

I have not morphed
Into a lab rat
Of society
that judges blindly

I grew into
a wordsmith
that eases
anxiety filled

Through ink
honesty breathes

Editing stage: 


Loved it!

No straight jacket
This pen

Through ink
honesty breathes

Need I say anymore:)


stopping by mona

author comment

No straight jacket
works so well as a double meaning- straight- jacket and straight jacket

question the use of the word stereotyping, it sterotypes you as someone who is sterotyped, if you get my drift. It has a plaintiff sound.

the use of the word society twice, if at all, makes it ring a bit of "them vs me", victimhood.

Apart from those quibbles, a fine write, a poet's poem. But only that, not an everyman's poem.

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scrolling up from bottom I saw this and
said "Who wrote this?" for this is true poetry
no messing about it

I take my hat off to you!!

This poem hits home in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. I am so disgusted with media hype and stereotype and wonder where our sense of humanity has gone? And how we love to label! I could go on and on, but I think your poem did that for me.

Oppression can turn a phrase into a power-packed movement ... if only someone would take the stand!

A "kettle filled with boiled words" moved me beyond elation. Excellent word usage.

Not sure about the title though, I think it could be stronger. Perhaps "through ink” or something to that effect? Just a thought.

Besides that, this is truly brilliant work. The layers delve beyond what most will see. Way beyond. I am inspired for having read this today. Thank you. ~Pamela

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