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There you are in your new car
a convertible two seater
on the way to a nudie bar
an old bald headed cheater

At least, you would cheat if you could
but nobody takes the bait
did you really think they would
resign themselves to such a fate?

And now an errant puff of breeze
reveals a Donald Trump comb-over
a result which is bound to please
any girl who looks you over

So turn your radio up real loud
( too vain to wear your hearing aid )
drown out the laughter from the crowd
of young women smirking in the shade

For all us old farts who actually think they can cheat time lol

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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My way past mid life crises car is a 1993 ford truck lol...............I decided long ago to age disgracefully...................stan

author comment

hillariously musical
even i a deafy
was swaying


WHAT??? you need to speak up lol.......stan

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Not one of your best poetically Stan, but the subject was spot on. Although there seemed too many details to write from your imagination. R&D? Except for the identical (over) which I don't have a problem with if it's part of the "trick" of the poem and not just another rhyme, I wouldn't change a things. An anthem to old men. May we lose less dignity than when we were young and didn't care.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Not really meant to be all that great, just a semi-humorous observation lol...........stan

author comment

I have always thought it funny when a guy in his fifties thinks some 20 year old loves him for anything but his money lol. I wanted to age gracefully with white hair, but instead it has been disgracefully with no hair lmao.........stan

author comment

Must work for Susan, but for her to run her fingers through my hair she must now go to ears rofl

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O Stan, you're still quite the man!

I adore your self-deprecating humour, and love Kal's *trumpover*...that should be *coined*.

However, it's all about energy. I have felt Barry and some young thing *connect*, and written
scathing but good poems about it. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. He, of course, says it never *happened*. What else would I expect him to say?


Barry wasn't connecting. What he did was hormone driven not heart driven lol.........stan

author comment

Hormones? Well, yes, there's that, we're all chemicals, reacting. But we're also the energy that these chemicals be they hormones or not, emit and produce.

Yes, his heart was not with me in those actions.

But then again, I, too have had minor indiscretions...wondering how things would be with someone else. lol.

Must be the poet in both Barry and myself. Such wanton indescretionary (where is he, anyhow?) lust. Did he not want to return?


The mental images!!!
So, apart from making me snicker, and then almost spray what I was drinking all over the damned screen, this was quite interesting. Hopefully not a frikkin' insight into my future however... *Shudders*
I think I might just leave you guys for a while, go get myself a porch, and cruise the streets while I still have my own hair. The sooner the better, right? Hahaha!

But this was fun, Scribbler. Thanks for a laugh, man.



Porche! Sorry!
Hahaha! Might be quite odd, me cruising the streets on an entire porch... Ya think?
Then again... Hmmm...

But guess which... :)

Waldo, right now I could eat you up for that comment. Sheer ear candy. And your picture ain't bad either.



You'll make a man blush, saying things like that.

Be sure your PORCHE is not a convertible. That way when comb over time comes you won't have to sell it lol.........stan PS beware the lengthening fore head

author comment

This car is even smiling at you.

I had a 1969 Red Firebird with black leather interior. And a powder blue Karmann Ghia. Also a white '60 T-Bird. Sure wish I still had them.


Ya'll enjoying my answer to E-harmony ? lmao...........stan

author comment

Very humorous indeed, and so accurate, too! My hair started going silver when I was twenty-five, not gray, not white, but silver, LOL! I was quite vain about it,until it was all cut off because of blood clots dried in it when the ulcer ate into an artery in my stomach and I vomited tons of blood. I guess it must be karma for the vanity. Steve is losing his hair rapidly but it isn't really graying. And I love his balding head all the more because he is mine!

always, Cat

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My hair started going long before it started going white lol. BTW did you know male hair loss is caused by an excess of a type testosterone ? That should make Steve feel a bit better............stan

author comment

I just stopped in to do a little reading on my way
to the nudie bar and look what I find !!!

this describes many men when the time hits ...

good read, thanks for posting this smiler

you bars?

tsk tsk tsk, your eyebrows will grow hair and you'll have to comb them over.


Strip joints are a great place to buy clothes because they're always at least half off there ..........stan

author comment

What's a "nudie bar"?

Good stuff Stan, I know a cuople of guys that your poem describes exactly.

Respectfully, Jim

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

Nudie bar is where dyslexic Nubians go lol.............stan

author comment

Depends upon how long at sea lol

author comment

I'm glad it did, made me laugh out loud. Bang on, I know one or two who this could be about. Jx

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A former member was the first to show me that poetry could be humorous so once in a while I try to give folks a chuckle. I'm pleased a minor edit gave this a chance to laugh at old farts like me lol......stan

author comment

I live with one, but I love him anyway :-)
Just trying to persuade him to sell my old sports car (BMW Z3), which he has taken to swanning round in. He's a little more inclined to let it go, since he got major sunburn on his ever growing bald patch.
Not only is it sore, but has brought home to him, just how big that patch has become...... :-)

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

only made a limited number of perfect heads. He hid the rest beneath hair............I'm not really bald I just have a VERY wide part in my hair lol.......stan

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