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"Hold me I'm tired"
your cigarette hanging loose
the drip of smoke climbing
through your dishevelled hair

I can smell the sweat from
the day on me The tired
odour of this room lost
with its vacancy of happiness

I pull you in and you moan
softly a small sigh
in the kitchen the clock hums
in the bathroom the tub
faucet drips

the television glows

Editing stage: 


was thinking of rain falling down into puddles
and remember watching them in a dark grass
puddle at an eave edge as they seemed to
rise into each others impact the falling
and the rising reflection
and in my mind I was reflecting on memory
smoke is vapour in a gaseous state but
behaves in fluid motion But Curl would
just work better..

author comment

I simply adore these vignettes.

Thank you.


its been awhile since I commented on your works
I went back to the cached site of old Neo
and read my older works and was fond of them
and saw then how people loved that era
at the time I was critical of what I was trying to
attain in feeling rather then form
realizing that there was a mood a feeling
Thank you for believing then like all the others
and Im happy that this old retro style is still
a fond read

author comment
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