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One day a year they line the road
gray haired old men in uniform
and young men carrying life's load
with one less limb than is the norm

They stand or sit in worn wheel chairs
either way they're straight and proud
all looking with thousand yard stares
high school band plays badly but loud

All in front of "ONE DAY SALE"
signs in windows of every store
when anthem plays and soldiers pale
you remember what this day is for

For those who can no longer be seen along the parade route...........thank you

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Structured: Western
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Thank you Stan, I was trying to find the oldest living survivor to be in attendance at Arlington today, Frank Buckles died a couple of months ago.

I just happened to be watching this, Stan. Memorial Day always makes me weepy.


Barry was saying that out of 110 recruits only about 40 made it in his Marine company. One can not forget the discipline that soldiers have.

It is good that even "sparing partners" come together on our feeling of gratitude owed those whose sacrifices enable us to live as we do today.........................stan

author comment

I had considered just posting the poem I put up last year. Then decided more was due than a rerun...............stan

author comment

I know when debt is owed. Thank you..............stan

author comment

Thispoem of yours hit my heart and my thoughts are with all the soldiers families also on this day. this is wonderful work.

Blessings to you

Thank you...........stan

author comment

Memorial Day is also for all the loved ones we remember. My parents and friend. I can't believe how many of my friends died in their early 20's, not even reaching 30. Some were vets, and out of those only one died after he came home from Nam, and I loved him enough to write poetry.


Even though it began as a day of remembrance for those killed in The War Between The States, whenever we recall past warriors it is only natural that we also recall all lost loved ones............stan

author comment

when its time for all memory
to fade away
that's when

as i pass away

i shall have to say

At my sideway


And just who is to say
it may be I who leads the way
into the final mystery
will you then remember me?

thank you for visiting.................stan

author comment

Life is a sojourn
Many are born,
Some stay
Live long enough
Ere the others have gone.

It’s the only place,
Where there is no queue,
Who came first?
May not go soon
Tis so true

Those who follow may lead,
So who goes there?
Halt I plead,
Let the world retain,
Those who all need?
The followers may go
As time does please


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