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kissing ecstasy goodbye

you came undone
when you done me wrong
your tongue hard with words
that shaped your face
with lack of grace

twisted, snarling angry dog
never to lie down near the Master,
head to heel and heel to heart
crushing wild
the red rose its thorns
growing on your head
into circles of home-bound grass

I loved you once
my tongue touched your heart
these days have passed like diamonds into rust
then into the dust
of unyielding mouths,
we tie rocks to clouds
and sighs to sutras,
leaping off the page
like gazelles
on poems

kiss ecstasy
goodbye, we drink
the hemlock of despair,
the bane of existence like wolves
breathing down our backs,
moonlit creatures
of moss and stone,
we howl.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Hey Kal, absolutely adore the reference to the Isle of Dr. Moreau. Though I hadn't thought of it while writing this poem, I can see its unconscious influence. For me this is one of the most truly horrifying stories ever written.

Another one was about a boy an insane doctor kept altering until he became a king cobra, his
*creature* of *unnatural selection*. The 1973 movies, Sssssss

You know now I'll have to write about snake poem. ;-)


p.s. is it early summer there in ye olde merry land of Eng? no need for 2 shirts? lol

author comment

Emotive poetry I call this and I ain't touching it with a ten foot pool only because I ditto this one also. I love how you languish your words to make a picture to my mind of just what those emotions in words are displaying to me.

I like this stuff Anna

Good job

Laughing to myself, I meant ten foot pole but look what came out ten foot pool... lol

catharsis. Far from your best.

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Hi Jess, I write a poem every day, far from the 6 or more I used to. So will all my poems be great? Hardly. Mediocre is the kindest crit. Some may even be bad and not in a good way.

What's important for me is that I write because I still have something to say, and I'm looking for ways to say it through poetry. I'm also hoping that my work can inspire another, with a thought, a memory a feeling the poem evokes.

And yes, on occasion I *whinge* though I've never used that word...around these parts its whine.

Thanks for your brutal honestly. I know when you praise a poem, it's not bs, however, I also know what is good poetry to one is shit poetry to another. Even my own.


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