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Emotional Poets

Emotional Poets

Poets are but emotional beings
Trying to vomit inner feelings,
All mental pollution
For they feel,
Sharing their inner salts
Will them heal…

Poets are all individual beings,
Each one has an expression
Of one’s own,
How does Neopoet that disown
Compress their views
On the poets
Those who are real poets
Are very few,
Including my reader,
Me and you…

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


There will probably always be some bickering on Neopoet, as you say, we are poets! The AEC and Ian did a great job quelling the last conflagration.

Do you think it was a co-incidence that all 3 new workshops focused on Critique? Critique is the life blood of Neopoet. It distinguishes us from all other poetry sites in it's egalitarian format.

I haven't commented on your poem because it wasn't one. It would have been more honest as a blog.

Neopoet Directors

you may like to please delete this line

.....Yet somehow I think you are really afraid of the workshops

smacks of cowardice and soldiers of any kind
including POETRY cannot so be .
Thanks. treat it as a blog
and thrash me bare
after you have read my reply to ones below


author comment

although I had no intention of inferring cowardice. Fear is normal and healthy.

Neopoet Directors

You express yourself in many variables and I like this for the most part of this write:

Poets are all individual beings,
Each one has an expression
Of one’s own,

Just be yourself learn as much as you can and leave the rest to figure whatever it is they need to figure out. You just hone in on your skill and desires to be a better writer and a better poet. We can all not be perfect and we are not.

Peace to you


My thanks,
For the offer…

But I’d rather not
Become ,
a butt of added jokes,
As I really know
No nuances of poetry
As a natural bard
Words simply flow
Like a fountain of joy
Drip like honey,
From a balding comb,
Which diabetics
Can’t relish nor enjoy.

A bard in your eyes
I will ever remain,
Till my heart throb
in this shrivelling up cage,
Itself does contain.
Thanks none the less
All the same


author comment

That was a nice little poem in response. I neither think you are afraid of joining the workshop but like myself I am trying it afterall it is to hone in on our writing and our response or critique of others work. We will not be helping the writer if all we said was oh that is good. So think about it and maybe you will join. It dosent hurt and it might just be the thing to do.

Love at Loved
Ms Mona

when the sunrise of my mind
is at its zenith,
perhaps i may rise
upto it
Till then so be it!


author comment
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