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"Going to the beach to find inner peace”

The most beautiful place on earth is the beach. The beach is where I found my inner peace. The first time I ever went to the beach was with my spiritual brother Stan. He owned a carpentry company and was offered a contract to remodel the kitchens of the beach front home on Myrtle Beach. Stan called my husband to let us know that he was on his way to do this job at the beach and wanted to know if we wanted to stay the night at the beach with him, his son Charles, and Charles’s wife. His son and daughter in law worked side by side with him in his business at that time.

At the beach that night is where I found inner peace. Stan’s son worked on removing the counter tops for replacement. Stan’s daughter in law stayed in her room whiles her husband Charles worked on the counter top, and Stan and my husband talked the night away. Excited to be at the beach for the first time and spending the night in a beautiful four room beach front home I went outside on the beach to meditate over the vast waters. As I mention above, I have never been to the beach before so it was an amazing thing for me too experience. I stood on the beach watching the waves roll in dragging the sand out to sea. I watched the skies meet the ocean as far as the eyes could see. I also watched the light house in the distant signal the ships abroad. Oh how I imagine the beauty of god’s glory in this magnificent creation. I imagine the marine life beyond the ocean depth living and breeding for centuries untouched by man’s technology. Indeed I found inner peace that night standing on the shorelines as the water crept closer soaking my feet.

After a while, I tire standing in wonderment and feared the water would take me in and swallow me whole. Hence, I walked backed to the beach house and sat on the steps for a few more hours enjoying the fresh cool air, the darkness over the ocean, and the peace I have yearned for so long. All my life I feared water because I could not swim. This experience took away all the dread of drowning I had bottled up in me and freed me for the first time in my life.

It was getting late so I went inside expecting to see everybody readying for bed, but instead I found Stan and my husband still talking in the living room, Charles still working in the kitchen, and his daughter in law calling for Charles, her new husband, to come to bed. The couple was practically newlyweds as they had been married only a few months. Stan’s daughter in law was finished working for the night and wanted her husband come to bed. I didn’t want to be the only female up so I went to my room and got ready for bed.

After getting ready for bed I went to the other available room upstairs and took one last look the ocean then I laid down to sleep pondering the magnificence of the ocean and the inner peace I experience that night.

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