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High Society

A nation swallowed by drugs
not the street pushing coke
heroin smoke abused routes you’re used to.
Pharmaceutical company inventing
Disorders the masses can relate to

as the fat cats count their
stacks of green backs and
reap the benefits Of genocidal acts

I would ask how they sleep at night
but I know it is atop A money filled
mattress letting their Heads lay softly
on their oxycotton pillows

Have a problem? Take this drug.
Building a tolerance? Here’s another to
help Sweep those issues under the rug

Side effects of antidepressants
Include depression
Suicidal thoughts or actions
And yet there are no demands from
the factions for a better way
to gain satisfaction

This nation needs to say
Goodbye to “happiness” in pill form
as the cog wheels of our society
get rusty minds tainted and musty
from the toxic fix-alls that
blur the truth
and people say marijuana is ruining our youth.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Last few words: 
This is something that is near to my heart, and echoes in my mind, I thought I would get it out here. Thanks for reading.
Editing stage: 


I especially like the first three lines, great sounds.
I wish you could change “can relate to” maybe something like devour?
Is there a reason for the capital O on of in the second verse. If for emphasis I’ll buy it.
oxycotton pillows. (I like it because it is creative.) I also see how you do use capitals for emphasis.
Verse four is cool. You might consider instead of "Here’s another to
help Sweep those issues under the rug” to "Here’s another! Sweep those issues under the rug." I rarely use the exclamation but it this case it might work because that verse is short yet rhythmic.
Verse five seem non-poetic. Perhaps some changes might be —

“Negative effects of antidepressants
are depression, suicide and
more depression.
Where are demands from
factions for a better way
to gain satisfaction?

Finally, I would say “happiness pills” instead of in pill form...
This is a valuable work. Worthy content. I gave constructive criticism because I like it and think it is valuable. I like it but would like it to be less prose in spots. Cheers to you. Remember it is YOUR poem and take my ideas with a gain of salt.


Thank you, You feedback is valued.

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