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Final Appeal / DENIED

I stand before you
done, finished, nada
a ghost
with only pleas
for mercy and the key to this
pearly gated community

I openly admit to orneriness
and being an ingrate of magnificent proportion
and as was my way
perpetrated pitifully paltry acts of spite
in cowardly fashion
I have been bold in nothing
even as I spat vile dissertations,
disaffections, and perturbations
at your incessent interference
in my existance
where I was to be my own god,
I did so in silence

this appeal I make,
I make from the same unequivical, inevitable
ignorance and hubris I had crafted
with the dullened tools you had provided

who should rightly bear the burden of blame

so, if you would kindly reconsider
I will accept all correction and provisos
as now my eyes can plainly see
the splendor of all I have ever truely coveted

the riches of heaven and godliness

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
this is a character...not me!
Editing stage: 


an attempt to show just how immutable human character is, how the vast majority can never get beyond the blindness about self, even in crucial moments like this...when confronting God.

thanks for commenting. I hope your decided to snicker....I thought it quite humorously absurd, sort of!


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