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Tears of the angels

The tears of angels rain upon you
So lost in sound and also in view
Your soul is half of what it once was
Since your earth shattering, heart breaking loss

May the tears of the angels cleanse you
May they comfort you in all you do
May you feel their presence all around you
To bring you much needed reassurance in this time of darkness

May the tears of the angels clear your eyes
Helping you in some small way to realize
That all is not lost, all is not in vain
As bleak as your days are, as dark as the unknown is

May the tears of the angels provide you much needed solace
To provide that invisible hold, that soul healing balm
May you find peace in the light that will once again
Bathe you in it's brilliance

May the tears of the angels rain down upon you
Oh lost, damaged and shattered soul
The loss will never be easier to bare
But the memories and love are and always will be there

May the tears of the angels some day evolve
Into the serene smiles, that only one at peace can express
My wish for you mom, is for you to mourn him,
Love him, remember him and rejoice in his memory

For I as your daughter, know your pain of loss as a wife
Yet I know this, you will once again find your way
With the help of the tears of the angels
Love will once again bring much needed peace.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Last few words: 
This is a rather personal write, dedicated to my Mom.....
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Such love from a daughter is clearly defined here, it is beautiful, I wonder perhaps if the repetition should be only every second one as it becomes a little tedious for each stanza. It would be the only suggestion I have for this, she would be very proud of you for this.

"The perfect woman perpetrates literature as she does a small sin: as an experiment, in passing, to see if anybody notices it - and to makes sure that somebody does." - Nietzsche

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