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stand here greedily
spilling jewel grains of
honey colour sugar

damn you

this distance
and yet intimacy
warm like an amulet
riding on the ribs

here we go trying to
pick a stir stick
its too much this choice
it has to be the right

singular and similer
as the others

then stir and stir
while my thoughts
flex and take flight
the gentle crushing
melding of sugar
and hot juice of the
broken bean

standing as my ears
hear music

present overlapped
against the waves
of the histories
calling with each
little rush as they
tumble on the beach

sun streams through
the plate glass
the papers folded like
waiting sails in a
harbour keepers

the blue up and above
the earthen tones
of the city spires
and flat topped economy
is cold and hard
where jets scratch
their passage
torn clouds slip

I touch the hot ceramic
edge to my lip
close my eyes
and remember
a happiness

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incredible. i especially like the 6th-

then stir and stir
while my thoughts
flex and take flight
the gentle crushing
melding of sugar
and hot juice of the
broken bean

don't know why nobody commented. maybe this post will answer that.

so nullus anxietas, friend

I was told a lot of people read
my works I write for Neopoet
as its free and I like the structure
the openess and its gentle but
firm control as in life I like
the solitude at times but keeping
in company with others

I am not offended that I do not
gather up the comments
In Orgami post crash Neopoet
I had my much ado times

that was sufficient
now I can come and post
a fixture waypoint to check
on like a stone in the woods
a tree in the feild
a familar quiet emplacement

I am aware that I am good
and with polish could publish
but then I would be different

and I enjoy this quiet refuge
where many have come to sit
and go on their way
There will be others
to share the view with
for I have my facet needs
that want for their influence

Neopoet has been more
then kind to me over the years
Ive been writing and sharing
this incredible gift of poetry

I give back too to offer them
my thanks for such a wonderful
little glade for thought

Merrry Christmas Neo and poets

From Esker

author comment

I have missed reading you

Your imagery and vocab are as always stunning

Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful christmas

Love Jayne-Chloe xox

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

I wish I had more worth in being smoother and slick
Our good family fortune came from a history of work
dedication and running a low enough profile
They flexed and exhaulted in their manner
Speaking articulately was our great reward
leading with the words of poetry rather then
the brutal dominance of physical manifestion
of destiny

Encouraging rather then discouraging was
the most disciplined act It is human nature
at its barest and raw that incites the gathered
energy of a faceless power to react without

I refuse to be the smooth slick ally of sales
and prefer the realistic view method of
looking at perspectives
I think there is still a value in this
even if its a lonlier way to live
My christmas is evolving beautifully
here I am cooking pancakes for
us all in an hour and took the sharpei
for a lovely walk in our first snow in

Thank You Jayne-Chloe
Love Steven xox

author comment
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