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Necessary, But Not Sufficent

I consider myself to be
somewhat erudite
professing bits of esoteric knowings
exquisite exotica
and what-nots
rambling with assurity
and conviction

this does not help
when trying to open a jar of pickles
or when "some assembly required"

but I do have
an ever increasing vocabulary
of invectives
and am thinking about doing
a philological study on cussing

my projections show a greater and greater
demand expected
I'll need a bigger supply


Generosity is a valuable commodity in poetry ...

thank you for sharing this, loved the part about
the pickles, and some assembly required ... ain't
it funny how they make even simple instructions
difficult to follow (or is it me, lol).

very good ending


wow! I'm late again. Please excuse my bad manners.Thanks for reading and commenting.


author comment

why, transferring a poem from place to place is easy just create a "folder" highlite the poem then save it and by cut and paste mail it either using or not aint that clear and simple?lol Like reading your poem.....................scribbler

reading this work. You use your erudite talent well without inflicting invectives upon us.


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