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a cabbie's wisdom

I started the day with shit attitude,
watching sunlight
through sheets hung
like curtains,
feeling as if I had this would be life –

and I knew how things changed
time moved forward,
just as I knew
that I wanted to believe
I was the only one
covered in denim
and faded under a summer’s sky

but I listened
with half-cocked ears
hearing only every other word
from cabbie’s mouth

he talked trying to spread peace
like it was
misfit pennies thrown
in dirty gutters or left on counters
as sarcastic tips,
by those that had too much

you kept saying it didn’t matter,
times progressed
and the world continued
as if it had no care –

and I tried to hear what you said
through chapped lips
and sporadic lisps,
as you told me it hid in plain sight
under day old newspapers
and yesterday’s leftovers

you didn’t see the hypocrisy
that I saw,
you didn’t see me
begging for some king of
as my house folded in on itself

still, you spouted naivety
and I felt a sudden warmth come to me
watching the sun set
of city streets
night’s calmness washed over
too much bustle

I was always at ease in the dark,
I could question
myself alone
wandering through the stars
as if I had the map in hand
walking through this would be life
with no real direction

maybe you really did know more
than others,
$22.50 ma’am
and as I handed out cash,
you tipped your baseball cap
and smiled
leaving me 10 blocks
from where I needed to be

Editing stage: 


I hope to come back with some comments later. I like this poem very much.


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