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Fathers Are a Loving Treat FINALISED VERSION

Friends of the human kind
What love fathers give
Where on earth can one find?
I miss my father each day
But when I see his picture
He comes alive, though
Aeons ago he passed away.

Tears of happiness
Sorrow and joy
Trickle down my face
As my loving father’s
Face, this dew drops trace.

Father come back
If only for a moment
So that I can just feel you
If only you can come through.

A few are so unlucky
They have no real fathers.
Who’s their biological pop?
They sadly know not.
Many have living fathers
Who legally they can’t see
To be with fathers
How happy they’d be.

Without a father no man
Can be born,
As fathers store the seed of life,
Women can only portray
Being a wife

Help me O! Lord to pray
For their well-being
As I love to believe
In a human being

Rejoice all lucky folks out there
Who can ruffle their father’s hair,
Give him the sweetest kiss
As a birthday present
Love of fathers
Is only by heaven sent

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


the content, but couldn't find the rhythm. The first verse has some rhyme, but then you abandon rhyming, and it makes one focus on trying to find the rhyme rather than on the theme. Maybe you could try a little harder to do it in rhyme? ~ Gee

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but this was written long long ago
shall redo if u say so


author comment

WHy delete I did not get to read it and please enter into these pages once again

Love Mona

wait till a day or two
perhaps as i get into mood
or else i will repost it as it is other site guys liked it


author comment

A good free verse can also have rhyme as "boosters" this is such I think. I also miss my father .At the oddest times i still catch self thinking 'wait till dad hears about this".....................scribbler

i meant mona 02 this time
thanks stan
u held my hand


author comment
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