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Silence is uncorked..

Silence is uncorked…

Man we almost had it once, power I mean,
strong union men, owners heard our voices.
Sixties or seventies didn’t it almost seem,
we had a great chance a lot more choices.

This is indeed a statement political,
see I’m an angry man getting much angrier.
Forgive me, what you’ll hear isn’t analytical,
my intent, to get through your comfort barrier.

I think I try to see the greatness in all men,
But I’m a man of no great universities teaching.
Which tends to stop all or any who listen,
from caring to much about my preaching.

I know some are tired of worldly events,
we have enough to care about just living.
Gas, groceries, electric, mortgages, rents,
it always seems to be us who’re giving.

I believe there’s more to life than what we get,
look at our rich don’t life always seem great.
They don’ t live amongst our grime and sweat,
for their pleasures they’ll never have to wait.

We must try to change it for our youth,
do you really believe we‘ve done enough.
No good turning to run from what’s a truth,
we’ve stopped trying to fight, it got to rough

Could we ever get off our knees stop bowing,
get up and tell them we demand a better share.
Why listen to bankers, politicians crowing,
we deserve better, asking only what is fair.

If in your mind a spark does strike and flicker,
clasp it in both hands helping others who may try
Go to the street, roar, ignoring all who snigger,
fan the flame gently please, don’t let fade n die..

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Was out protesting yesterday in London, wrote this when i came home...
Editing stage: 


Amen brother. Here in Ohio, a Republican was elected on his word: no new taxes, balancing the budget.

Ha ha ha. no one thought to ask how he was going to do it.... bust the teacher's firemen and policemen's unions.

Create more jobs.... $8.00 an hour.... (two for the price of $16.00 wage).... Who the hell can live on $8.00 an hour when all rent, utilities, gas, groceries go up every time you turn around,.

Sometimes I think we deserve what we get.


Hello old friend here. Interesting and very thought provoking write. You touched on many things here and know I appreciate this write and much is food for thinking.. Will be back with reading you more and missed you also.


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