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in for reparation

Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
This piece is based on an old folklore around picking up some vermin infested monkey that some other guy leaves in "the bar" after you;'ve befriended him - because you feel sorry for it! Don't pick up someone else's troubles! ;)
Editing stage: 


You are too funny with this one. Just a tweak or so here poet

Containminated with urine,
Makes faeces- like turds

Contaminated with urine
makes feces like turds

just some spellchecks - You know me. The monkey still places his tune:)

Love at ya gal and hope all is fine
Magics Mona

Love it when we agree to disagree... ;) There are two variations on the spelling. I choose the British version -
Human feces (or human faeces), also known as stool,[1] is the waste product of the human digestive system including bacteria. (cf. WIKIPEDIA)
Thanks so much for your support and comments ;)


author comment

And I see what you mean sorry about that but is the word contaminated also of British version. I do not know all of the British versions so excuse me as I am unaware and thank you for getting that one straight..the monkey still plays his tune..I can not remember what the thing is called that the monkey plays and gets the tips for. Maybe you can tell me:)


But I can visualise it - and smile! I refer to metaphorical monkeys only in my poem!! ;)
Like your sense of humour!
THanks Magics ;0


author comment
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